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Welcome to the RepublikWisata channel Gunung Kidul is a regency area in the southern part of the province of Yogyakarta called a mountain because its topography is in a limestone mountain area with up and down and winding roads, while Kidul is a Javanese language from the south even though it is located quite far from the center. The city of Yogyakarta, but this area is already famous for its various kinds of natural attractions, ranging from the Goa Reservoir waterfall to the stunning southern beaches with white sand and big waves, just curious, let’s just take a look. Jomblang Cave will be able to see how fantastic the scenery that you can see, but the scenery does not come without a gap, there is a dark story that was hidden there friend , the dark story is part of the history of the Cave that occurred during the hunt for PKI members, it is said that hundreds of PKI met their death. in the same way here, now the former dark events are gone and only beauty remains.

The place that used to be scary is now a favorite spot and the reason everyone visits Jomblang cave right under the big hole at the top of the cave, light enters the cave.

the dark becomes bright contrast , this is what makes this view very beautiful and rare man-made will not be able to match it other than that view there is still one other interesting thing that can increase the level of excitement when visiting Goa, it is when my friend will leave Goa the exit will be different in a different way.

Entry, friend, if you enter in a different way If you walk, you will exit the Cave by being pulled by a rope from the hole above. It’s a nice bonus, not because of Pindul Cave For travel buddies who have often been to Jogja, Pindul Cave is certainly a familiar place to Pindul Cave’s ears, which is called this Gunung Kidul tourist icon. indeed has an incomparable beauty along the river using a rubber boat is a common thing but if the river flows in the cave Of course it will be an exciting and thrilling adventure Pindul Cave, one of the fruits which is a series of seven caves with underground river flows in the cave .

Bejiharjo village, Karangmojo, offers the sensation of a beautiful adventure for approximately 45 to 60 minutes, tourists will be invited to walk along the river in the dark belly of the Earth for 300 meters using an adventure buoy that combines body rafting and caving activities, known as cave tubing, no preparation is needed.

specifically to do cave tubing in Pindul Cave, friend, the only equipment needed is a live face float tire and a headlamp, all of which have been provided by the manager. Embung Batara Sriten Embung Batara Sriten is one of the stunning tourist attractions of Gunung Kidul, the place which was inaugurated in 2014 has been repaired so that visitors can feel the beauty of the beauty in question in the form of an artificial lake with a view of Puncak Baturagung for tourists who feel bored and need healing Embung Batara Sriten could be the solution, friend, Batara sriten is located in sriten pilangrejo, Nglipar sub-district, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta Special Region, the main icon of this tourist spot is the existence of a dam on the highest peak of Gunung Kidul.

The dam itself is a water reservoir or you can call it an artificial lake. at an altitude of approximately 859 meters above sea level, besides being a tourist spot, the Embung is made to end several plants such as longan and mangosteen that are around it. Ancient Volcano Nglanggeran Have a hobby of climbing mountains if it is incomplete if you don’t climb an ancient volcano as it is known that Ancient Volcano Nglanggeran is one of the mountains that is no longer active in Yogyakarta This mountain is indeed popular in recent years and is often used as an alternative to climbing For those who like climbing, this is not without reason, friend, considering that this mountain offers beautiful and very amazing natural scenery according to historical stories saying that this Ancient Volcano is a mountain that has existed since 60 to 70 years ago, so it is not surprising that the surrounding community call it by the name of the ancient mountain the scenery there is very beautiful suitable for lovers of very romantic places.

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Sri Gethuk Waterfall Sri Gethuk Waterfall is indeed a tourist place that can be said to be quite easy. However , the beauty of the natural panorama of this waterfall is able to attract the interest of fellow tourists from various parts of the natural atmosphere which is still beautiful and the gurgling waterfall can make you fall in love with anyone. Only those who see it administratively the waterfall is located in the village of Bleberan, Playen District, Gunung Kidul district, Yogyakarta province . Sri Gethuk Waterfall has the charm of a very charming natural panorama, it is even said that the natural beauty in this tourist spot is not inferior to the Grand Canyon Arizona in America. This waterfall union is located in the Kars hills which is a topographical feature of Gunung Kidul district.

Not only that, the sturdy karst cliffs will protect nature from being touched by irresponsible hands. sri who soothes the soul. Baron Beach The sand on Baron Beach has the characteristics of blackish brown sand, the beach waves are also quite large, even though as a Gunung Kidul beach bay, it is unique when compared to other beaches in Gunung Kidul.

Because in this tourist spot, visitors find two types of water, namely salt water and fresh water. sourced from the river at Baron Beach, such as beach tourism in general, Baron Jogja Beach allows visitors to swim but stay alert and still get extra supervision because Baron Beach has quite large waves, especially during the holiday season.

Timang Beach . _ _ _ only in the form of rock cliffs, the activity of crossing with a gondola is indeed quite extreme because the place below is a collection of blue sea water with fierce waves, as long as the weather is sunny, the waves will be calm, so are you interested in testing your guts with rides on Timang beach, friends? no need to worry even though the infrastructure is still simple and the locals ‘ manual can guarantee its safety it is proven that many tourists have tried and returned and survived. Kalisuci Cave Tubing Kalisuci Cave Tubing Yogyakarta is the first cave tourist location in Indonesia, located in Jetis Jonge Pasarejo, Semanu District, Gunung Kidul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta, Goa Railing or what we are familiar with the term caving, you can do rafting, you know.

Right, rafting is a river crossing, while caving is a cave in Kalisuci, we can go along the cave as well as a river because in this cave there is a flowing river.

Beautiful travel companions will be equipped with life jackets, protective elbows and elbow protectors to start this cave. The two options are by jumping from a height or riding a tire and then being pushed into the water to explore the cave. You will be accompanied by infrastructure and a photographer, so you are guaranteed to be safe and get great memories. River Tubing Oyo River Tubing Oyo or called the Oyo river crossing is a mainstay tour after Pindul Cave , usually a tourist friend after entering Pindul Cave chooses to continue to this one tourist attraction, the distance between Pindul Cave and Oyo River is only one kilometer, friend, although with using the same special equipment when walking through Goa Pindul River Tubing Oyo , the location and view of the scenery is different, this tourist attraction is more integrated into the open nature and a bit of adventure.

For friends who like rainy season Adventure activities, it’s time for travel buddies to try because during the rainy season you can Doing a rating with a rubber boat if the water discharge is possible for travel buddies who come from outside Jogja or even outside Java, there’s nothing wrong if you try this tour on the Oyo river.

Bukit Bintang Yogyakarta Bukit Bintang is one of the favorite hangout locations in Yogyakarta at night the view of Yogyakarta is very beautiful, located on the border of Bantul and Gunung Kidul, anyone who visits this area can enjoy the sprinkling of stars in the night sky and the twinkling of city lights from a height.

Bukit Bintang which is always crowded with young people to enjoy the beauty of the night Bukit Bintang is the perfect place to enjoy dusk until nightfall when the weather is sunny Bukit Bintang has been crowded with visitors who are mostly young people since the afternoon they usually return from traveling on the beaches of Mount Kidul or indeed specializes in coming to Bukit Bintang from this place, tourist friends can see the landscape of Mount Merapi and Merbabu and planes landing or taking off at Yogyakarta international airport. If you are lucky, you can enjoy beautiful sunset views with tempting sky colors. i this place bro. Thank you for subscribing and watching this channel, if you have other travel recommendations or want to share experiences from your vacation, you can just comment below, greetings Republic of tours