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Hi, welcome back to the Republic of Yogyakarta Tourism channel, I have definitely given it back to my travel buddies, as a city that is still led by a king and strongly holds cultural values, will definitely save a lot of uniqueness in it, if for tourism problems, there is no need to doubt it. Yes, let’s just take a look at the most popular tours in the Malioboro area, Yogyakarta . Tugu Jogja while on vacation to Jogja has not been completed if you haven’t been to Tugu Jogja. This monument is a landmark of the city of Jogja soap. Moreover, if you want to go to the Tugu Jogja area, the most appropriate is at night when the weather has cleared.

It’s not hot so that the vehicle is more comfortable. The Tugu Jogja is arguably a very fun place to spend the night for tourists here, tourists can take photos with the background of the Tugu Jogja or just sit in the garden and besides that, there are also many culinary delights around the Tugu Jogja area.

Starting from warm cafe angkringan or just soft drinks n everything is here the location of Tugu Yogyakarta is very easily accessible to tourists because it is located in the center of Yogyakarta city to be able to enjoy the body of Jogja You don’t need to pay a penny, friend, because this body is not in a private direction, but if you use a private vehicle you only need to pay a penny. You just need to pay for parking, so the location of Tugu Jogja is very strategic, that is, it is connected to the line from the zero point of KM Jogja to the north , so it is very easy to find this one tourist spot because of its strategic location.

The view at sunrise and sunset can look stunning at this location.

This is Malioboro Street, the most popular street in Jogja, namely Malioboro Street, a two and a half KM long road, this is indeed never passed by tourists who visit Yogyakarta . blank on hand crafted sandals to bakpia peg and yours , which are typical snacks of Yogyakarta, we are already on Jalan Malioboro, don’t forget to taste the simple but Ikmal food which is located on the side of Malioboro road, there are also many wagons or trishaws ready to take you around Jalan Malioboro even there are also those who offer a 4-way package, friends, which will make you feel at home in front of this, namely There are always strains of Javanese gamelan played by street artists or from the Bringharjo market cassette, another souvenir of Jogjakarta, namely Pasar Beringharjo, a market in the area Jogja, which is the first market that sells primary to tertiary needs such as Ante’s goods.

You can buy other souvenir batik clothes, such as old coins, antiques that will not be found in other markets, friends at Beringharjo Market, starting from the main gate which is right on the side South of Jalan Malioboro you will find a pe culinary trades that sell traditional culinary culinary delights if you are satisfied to explore Beringharjo Market you can exit towards the North to pass this road which is Ketandan Chinatown Village to see traders selling unique items such as cassettes from ancient singers and bands and also items such as incense and small stones that are quite unique, basically you will feel at home playing at the Beringharjo Market , the Vredeburg Fort museum , the Vredeburg museum, is one of the educational tours in Yogyakarta. The Vredeburg museum presents educational tours in the form of dioramas, tourists will be invited to tour around a diorama that presents the history of Indonesia’s struggle from the colonial period to post- independence, there are also photos of heroes to replicas of cannons and replicas of Tugu Jogja which can be used as sports , taking pictures of the Vredeburg Fort museum .

Yo 65 couples Gondomanan District, Yogyakarta City Special Region of Yogyakarta Apart from being an educational tour, many visitors come to the Fort Vredeburg museum to take pictures at various Zero Kilometer photo spots.

This zero kilometer point is actually an intersection in the middle of Yogyakarta city which is a favorite for tourists to hang out. By nightfall, this intersection can be said as the midpoint of the city of Jogja because of its location which is actually in front of the Yogyakarta Palace as the founder of this special area, located between the Old Dutch heritage building, making this place a classic nuance. Don’t miss visiting and hanging out at Rini’s zero point because in this place you can see street artists who often hold their mini concerts to accompany you to hang out, friends, besides that you can also find some small food vendors selling their goods at a very affordable price. Around this area, Taman Pintar , as the name suggests, Taman Pintar is a vacation facility that also offers educational media to make this Smart Park a suitable tourist attraction for vacationing with children.

There are nine rides in the Taman Pintar Yogyakarta tourist area, each of which carries a different theme and purpose.

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different, of course, with Azzam education being built to go directly to this tourist spot, you will not be charged a penny, but to enjoy the rides available in it, of course you will be charged various fees, but this smart location is close to Jalan Malioboro and also the zero kilometer point Smart years are only on Tuesdays to Sundays, friends, so don’t go there on Mondays because the various tools inside are taken care of. The Yogyakarta Palace, the Yogyakarta Palace, is one of the many historical tours in Yogyakarta. This palace is the Ngayogyakarta Hadinin Sultanate Palace.

The grat which actually still functions as the Sultan’s residence complex but some have been converted into a museum of relics of the collections belonging to the Sultanate of Sob if you come to the Yogyakarta Palace you will be shown a variety of different performances every day there is also a building where you can see Documentary film about Yogyakarta with a cinema-style atmosphere, friend. Not only that, this Keraton is also still used as a place for celebrations, some of these events, such as the coronation ceremony of the Sultan, the marriage of the Sultan’s son, or taking the Sultan’s body to his final resting place, it’s difficult for you to find the Yogyakarta Palace with Google Maps.

or with a local family, you will get there easily. The Yogyakarta Palace is in the middle of the city, because friend, it is close to the center of the crowd, Jalan Malioboro, of course , the Jogja horse-drawn carriage museum, as the name suggests, the Yogyakarta horse-drawn carriage museum, stores a variety of cart collections.

A horse belonging to the Yogyakarta Sultanate Palace which is hundreds of years old, friend, there are about 23 horse-drawn carriage collections from a collection of which 18 carriages are still used for the purposes of togetherness ceremonies. The unique figure in the Yogyakarta horse-drawn carriage museum is a carriage that is considered sacred, namely the chariot. Kyai Garuda is believed to be sacred, so this train is a matter of having a soft bath every once a year in the month of Shura and this train is also still often used today.

That’s why this train makes One of the reasons tourists come to this museum, the ticket to enter the Yogyakarta horse-drawn carriage museum is very very cheap and the location is easy to find because the Yogyakarta palace train museum is located to the west of the Yogyakarta Palace building or in the southwest part of North London. Precisely on Jalan Rotowijayan Yogyakarta, friend, Tamansari , this unique architectural style, a combination of Javanese and Portuguese architecture, is a special attraction for tourists. to visit Taman Sari, even though it is no longer used as it used to be, this building is still the choice of tourists.

Tamansari is visited by many young people because it is a very instagramable place to be used as a photo spot. One of the interesting things in Tamansari is the Kenongo building which is currently just an exotic ruin.

This building is the highest place of the Tamansari Complex, so tourists can see the city of Jogja and the beautiful sunset from the Kenongo building. It is fishy to get to Tamansari. It’s also very easy . near the south of Yogyakarta and about one km from the Yogyakarta palace, the Kidul square if you are looking for a place to hang out in Jogja at night apart from Malioboro and the zero kilometer point you can visit the Kidul square there are many small traders who selling various kinds of snacks and also your soup toys you can enjoy food in the middle of the South Square field, don’t create a lively atmosphere while enjoying 9 or hang out, you will be accompanied by songs by street artists. What’s more interesting about this square is the banyan tree, the mic icon, which contains myths, many people believe that anyone who manages to walk between the two banyans with their eyes closed, their wishes and desires will be fulfilled, friend, the ritual of walking between these two trees is called masangin even though it sounds very easy .

time there, your eyes will also be stunned by the beautiful colorful lights that come from the decorative carriage , this train is decorated in various ways with their respective beauty because if you are interested in trying it you can rent this decorative carriage to go around seeing the atmosphere of the South Square Thank you for subscribing and watching this channel , if you have other travel recommendations or want to share experiences from your vacation, you can just comment below, greetings from the Republic of Tours.