10 Tourism Places Of Jogja One Way One Way

The next tour is a thousand songgo sky stones or a hobby house, guys, so turn here, right here, turn here to a thousand songgo sky stones, the entrance ticket is also cheap, 3000 and 2000 for parking, I think that’s the entry here, OK, next to other tourist spots Hello guys assallamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh welcome back to my channel back to my channel, Ghufron Ahmad, now in this video I ‘m in Piyungan, yes. It’s a red light if you go to the left, it goes to Prambanan Street and goes to the Solo road, let’s start from here, guys, just watch the video What tours can you pass in one direction up to 10 tourist attractions? Well, follow it, follow it, the video is already green, let’s go now, it’s foggy now, there’s still a lot of fog, guys. Jalan Wono Sari guys, there are a lot of climbs in Gunungkidul if you go to Jogja it’s a lot of tourist places, guys, because nothing is a tour, for example, there’s just a lot of pine forests in Jogja , eh in Wonosobo, there’s a lot of pine trees like that , but the people here are very creative, duh, duh.

Hey, this is Semar’s ass, guys, Semar’s ass petrok, come here for manja nikung nikung.

It’s good, guys, hihihi like this, for example, I hope you don’t dare to tilt it too much, guys, because my tires have lumps, I don’t know why this is hi, hi, it looks like lumps like that, you know. turn, shake, shake, guys, if it’s still early in the morning, the atmosphere is good, it’s fresh, how about that, you know, so we’re going to a tourist spot, we’ll show you the gas way , you all because I love you, and on those 10 tours, I’ve been vlogging.

Have you ever vlog everything, hi, hi, I’m curious. Follow the video, guys, the first one is Bukit Bintang or Bukit hargodumilah, Aidan first the name is Bukit hargodumilah Well, so the place is here, yes, Hi, so Bukit Bintang is here, it looks like the cabin is cash, doesn’t it, we can sit back and relax if it’s a very busy weekend there guys. Let’s try it.

here while drinking coffee, you can go up to see the scenery there, you can also relax Yes, I have also vlog here for those of you who are curious, please press the right button of the upper right nugget As usual here ah the top right corner of this site has continued to the next tour gas let’s go go Hi Rush, these are the icons of Gunungkidul slides writing Gunungkidul alive.

Yes, I have explained it thoroughly in the Vlog, namely the Bukit Bintang gadget, look for it in my video, which is titled Bukit Bintang, now this is Gunungkidul district. watch my videos Uh and keep up the fog like this it’s rare for rockets to be at the crossroads This guys, this is called a peg intersection, yes, if you go to the left, you can go to Demang, the old tourist spot, but we put pressure on Jesus, so let’s go to the right.

Hey you, if you want to go to Mount Ireng, the gas on Mount Ireng, which I have blogged about, you can go straight ahead. arrived at the Mount Ireng Dedes tour but we were right, uh, the fog was thick, was Koko there, right?

Now the two tourist attractions that are viral, the viral gas is this, guys, heha skyview. The parking lot here is very spacious, usually the Bridge also parks here guys. Maybe it’s going to be busy soon , because that’s the essence of Sunday. I ‘ve also blocked there, basically, this place I’m going to pass by I’ve made a vlog myself, bro.

So for those of you who are curious about milk, how much is the ticket price?



the price of the food ungung to that location, the city of Jogja, seen from above, the viral glass terrace is also here, guys but which side is it, Hi, so underneath it is a chasm, there is glass, so you pay Hi but what is cash, if this doesn’t count as tourism, it’s just like that to hang out and hang out with his girlfriend Hey it’s a weekend night, it’s really sad while looking at the artificial stars, what kind of artificial star is that artificial star, yes, those lights, Joe made clips If that night the famous for the price is at Bukit Bintang or at the time of the amben, you have to be ready to bring what’s on at least Rp 100 , don’t be too tight, because the price is Yes, it’s not expensive, because it relies on the video, sir, which makes the tempeh thing Rp. 15,000 but one portion, yes, one portion contains 5, I think 53 is big, so don’t be surprised if you go to a tourist place with a high cost expensive.

Hey, this is the CCTV of the third tourist spot, right , so the parking is here, Bukit Pengger Hill, Tengker, pine Pengger is really bad, there’s another photo of the bike, so for Pine Pengger, you can enter there from you paying for the ticket there, just It’s cheap, 3000 seems like an easy entry ticket, we’ll go to the tourist spot Okay Guys can it or not can it be big or not Mas that’s really good Yes you can come here, just climb the Watu Amben just now it’s pretty good, if it’s full, I don’t think it’s too scary if it’s quiet like this, it doesn’t matter if for example Usually Sunday nights or Sundays it’s really crowded Later in the afternoon it’s guaranteed to be crowded Now here we are a turn to the right, guys, now there is a new monument  just saw me Now here it is coming yes So if you go straight it comes to Jalan Pleret eh instead of Jalan Imogiri Carolus it goes to the left if you go to the left you can get to the client you can also gas, while to the right it goes through cinematics through Plered there, I have also blocked through the most extreme cinomati climb, there are a lot of people who weren’t strong before because the road used to be bad, yes, it’s still narrow and it’s really extreme, a lot of Chinese -China is dead Now, we have this to the right, Guys, don’t go to the left.

Now this is the coat. Hi Hah.

What’s the fourth or fifth volume? Next, this gas is at the peak of Becici. entry through the counter for tickets, the entry ticket is also cheap, only Rp. 3,000 for pottery, it’s almost the same if the pine forest, pine forest , the ticket is cheap, right? here there is an intersection, also Jazz at the intersection, if you go to the right, go to Plered, the shortcut is also good, the view is good, guys, continue Hi but there is a fork in the chest, we take it to the right, for here for you, come here next , what is the video, yes, I’ve been here before What’s this Oh guys, so here is Bukit Lintang Sewu, I’m sure there’s writing on it, you can go there Joss, it’s good in the morning, like this, yes, or in the afternoon.

Because the bottom is a chasm, it’s great.

Anyway, Vince Hai, smile, this road is also viral. This is a village where many people make videos. Because in Jogja there is a lot of creator content, yes, guys, lots of creator content. pine Jogja Mangunan Pine Forest So if you park next to it and enter that side , you guys can go straight in.

See the situation A Sri, right? Okay, let’s continue. Hi, see Switzerland. What is a thousand songgo stones from the sky or Hobbit Dedes’ house, so turn here, OK, here, turn here to Ahmad, on the other day, Black must. Well, that’s a thousand songgo stones.

The sky for the entrance ticket is also cheap, 3000 and 2004 ear, I think That’s the gas entering here OK OK next to other tourist attractions, well the description turn right to Well so here, yes, we turn right, then continue on to the road there, gas because I’ve also blocked there , yes, there is a Mangunan Restu Mabur Fruit Orchard, the other is Kediwung Hill, the village, so pass it this way if you want to go there Continue to follow the path that I’ve already made a vlog of, yes, please click the upper right button, yo yo, the video is awesome until here first act on 10 tourist spots in Jogja with one direction , really one way gas don’t forget to smile for today I hope the video is useful Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.