4 corners of the Yogyakarta palace fortress | four corners of fort yogyakarta

hai hai in the corner Bebeng often called jokteng now been refurbished so now four corner Beteng that surrounds Yogyakarta Palace at the four corners have been there all eh one of which is the corner Beteng Wetan or northeast yes first fort was destroyed during the war spray or Geger sepait year 1812 yes now after 200 years it was rebuilt by the Yogyakarta government friends Okay friends follow my journey around the fort of the Yogyakarta Palace hi hi hello hello friends Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh back again on my channel a channel that drains reviews of streets or places interesting in the city ​​of Jogja and its surroundings Okay for this time I will invite his friends to take a tour of the cute in the Yogyakarta palace, hi, but I departed from the front of the post office in Jogja or known as zero kilometers and now we are entering the city gates This beautiful Yogyakarta, friends, from here we can see k The Yogyakarta palace, which looks special, friends, OK, if you like the video, don’t forget to press the subscribe button below, and don’t forget to activate the bell so that notifications from my videos can be received by all of you, OK? Friends, now I want to turn right towards Jalan Kauman, yes, the weather is very clear this time, friends, the sky is very blue .

This DJ on the right side of this road has a lot of convection. So friends, if you want to make t-shirts, you can make uniforms or make jackets locally. Here, friends, OK, friends, we have arrived at the Kauman intersection.

If we turn left towards Ngasem and Tamansari Markets, let’s take a straight line again, now we have arrived at Jalan H Agus Salim. Soon we will arrive at the first cute.

Friends, okay, now we have arrived at the corner of Beteng or North Jogteng, yes this place is on Jalan H Agus Salim number 65 notoprajan Ngampila n Yogyakarta, friends, and the intersection with Jalan Kyai Haji Wahid Hasyim is to the west, yes, and it’s right there or in front of it, the bus parking lot in Ngabean, OK? turn left , go to Jalan Kyai Haji Wahid Hasyim, we’ll just go straight, actually, it’s not too far from this place, friends, just follow this road, you’ll arrive, friends, hi, friends, now you’re about to arrive, okay, now you’ve arrived This cute Kulon coteng is located at Mantrijeron, Jalan Suryowijayan, at the Kraton sub-district, Yogyakarta city, yes and it is at a crossroads if the health is to Jalan Bantul or to the bird market, yes.

4 pojok beteng keraton yogyakarta | four corners of fort yogyakarta

And if you go west to Jalan Sugeng jeroni, yes, it’s closed and if you go east, go to Jalan MT Haryono, friends, OK, friends, let’s continue on the 3rd road or go to the corner of the third trunk, we pass through the intersection of the building’s ceiling, right next to it.

My left is Plengkung Gading, friends. Let’s go straight to the east, go to Jalan MT Haryono later, we’ll follow this road, OK, friends.

Now I have arrived at the corner of Beteng Wetan or jokteng Wetan, the location is on Jalan Sisingamangaraja keparaan, Mergangsan District, Yogyakarta city yes friends fortress It also intersects with Parangtritis Street to the south and Road Maj Sutoyo adjacent to its eastern yes at the door to the north in Jalan Brig Katamso yes okay friends we go again yes to the fortress of the last corner Beteng Wetan or northeast yes this and now I am on Jalan Brigjen Katamso in this area, friends, if you want to look for motorcycle parts or electronic goods, there are many here, yes, I have arrived at the corners of Beteng Wetan, yes or northeast this location is on Jalan Brigjen Katamso number 20 paragraph prawirodirjan gondomanan, the city of Yogyakarta, my friends and this location is at the intersection between Jalan I bu ruswo adjacent to the north and Road depraved Katamso yes corner Beteng this strife is the biggest yes between corner Beteng others and corner Beteng Wetan or northeast this has been about 200 years so ruined ya out here there are shops Kwon yes and now renovated by Yogyakarta city government, it’s been rebuilt, so it’s been about two centuries, yes, dancers, now you can enjoy them again.

So friends, if you go to Jogja, don’t forget to go around this fort and take a historical tour, hi, hi, okay, friends, maybe that’s it for the first video from I hope this video is useful for all of my friends. Those who want to go to Jogja Or just want to know the history of the Beteng corner.

Please come here, don’t forget, friends, if you like this video, please press subscribe below, and don’t forget to give er recommendations to all of your friends, wassalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh far.

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