I Travelled Solo to KOMODO ISLANDS | Pink beach, KOMODO DRAGONS – Bucket List Memories!

let’s go so we just arrived in la banbajo just got out of the airport it was a super smooth  very very short flight although it did get delayed but apparently that’s very common here so nothing  to worry about i just chilled at the airport finished up some work and now i just met enzi hi  what’s the company called again so my company name is nutella like a moto trip  yeah yes and operating the commodore trip so yeah yeah and we’re going to be going on a  board trip today one night trip tomorrow yes and we’re super excited and she’s come to pick me up  here we’re going to go to the hostel maybe do a maybe do a hike in the evening not sure  yeah but we will go by motorbike motorbike yeah of course that’s okay perfectly fine  just got to my hostel here it’s called la bohemia super budget friendly nice let’s go so enzy and i  are off to watch the sunset what’s the spot called envy sylvia hill sylvia hill so we’re going to  watch the sunset until we are here 10 minutes just 15 minutes perfect let’s catch the sunset okay so we’re gonna quickly climb up this hill run up actually so that  we don’t miss the sunset yeah let’s go it’s incredible i really like the city  it’s beautiful that’s where our ferry leaves from tomorrow and the hills everywhere so i  can see people just watching the sunset is this a thing here and see like people  just coming out in the evening watching a sunset like the most of the people came here for sunset  yeah the sunrise is beautiful though but i think urban by the people doesn’t like to wake up  early they like to wake up late okay like the most of the world i guess so enzi and i were just talking and i was asking her um whether you know she has a lot of  friends and family from her village over here and yeah you can continue the conversation yes  so i’m 24 guys and so most of my like all of them like the girl are getting already  getting married and have a baby wow and so now here i am i don’t even think to get married  yeah and that’s so cool because i mean in india as well although like i said that not  everyone’s thinking about marriage but my mom got married when she was  um 22 and my mom got married when he was she was 18.

Oh my god and she got the first baby when she  was 19 like almost 20. wow yeah can you imagine yes like i don’t know how she did it but yeah  it’s the culture it’s the culture yeah but me like i’m telling you that married is not good  i agree i agree yeah firstly a lot of women just have been getting married because it means that oh  you need a man yes i’m telling you you don’t need a man you need yourself you need yourself you need  to love yourself first because the most of girl like they are married to find the happiness yeah  but the truth the happiness is come from yourself yeah you don’t need anyone no friends no even a  man or no anyone is come from yourself yeah of course you need to find happiness in yourself  and yeah i really love that you said that one of the biggest reasons why you kind of are you know  don’t think that way anymore it’s because you’ve been meeting people from all over the world so  i’m meeting like different people like thousands of people from the different worlds like coming  from like you know any country many country and then it give me effect you know like i think in  a different way that the merit you don’t need to yeah you know so now i’m just enjoying my life and  then if i can afford to travel because i love to travel yeah yeah and so far i’m really happy and  i’m grateful like with who i am right now yeah and then yeah if i compare to my friend like i’m  the luckiest one in the world oh i love that i think for me as well you know uh when i was in  uh university yeah i remember i used to think oh my god how is it possible to travel  and like it wouldn’t be possible for me i’m just gonna be in a job and stuff  and then i remember that i i was traveling somewhere in india just for a short three day  trip and i met two people who were and i met them and they’d come all the way from america  to india and i asked them that oh how old are you i was like oh so you maybe are working back home  and they tell me that they’re 18.

I Travelled Solo to KOMODO ISLANDS | Pink beach, KOMODO DRAGONS - Bucket List Memories!

And they were they were younger than me and i was just like  what you’re 18 and you’re in india and i think that’s when i realized that the world is so much  beyond what i know and you can do things exactly everything is possible in this world yeah yeah  if you want it yeah if you want it yeah you want it and get it yeah yeah and i when i was like 19  and 20 like i don’t know like how my life is bring me yeah and uh like i never think i’m gonna go out  from flores yeah but like you know i’m really lucky i went like for traveling like visit a few  places in indonesia wow yes that’s amazing and uh so i think i’m gonna make more i’m gonna traveling  more that’s my dream that’s my goal i’m so happy but the first thing i want to make my family happy  and i’m telling you i came from the poor family okay yeah i’m not a rich one yeah and then i  but you know i didn’t went to university like a good one because i can’t afford it yeah but right  now i’m i’m really good yeah i’m sure and i hope that someday i see you in india and i can take you  around in india then i love india the food and the culture yeah and to be honest i love to travel to  see the black people like my dream to go to africa this is my first dream like first place i want to  go is in africa perfect yeah leave a comment and let’s see we can if nz goes to africa in africa  good morning everyone so i just woke up some time back got in a good session of  journaling in brushed my teeth and now i’m gearing up for the day i have to leave at  9am uh to go to the boat with enzy and uh so i’m just gonna take a quick shower uh  the hostel looks so pretty in the morning last night i just grabbed some dinner after i got back  chilled for a bit and then slept early because i think i’m still recovering from  the two nights of no sleep while i was hiking in java but um it’s all been so rewarding and  so much fun but i’m gonna show you around the hostel a little bit it’s a really cool hostel so we’re here at the harbour and we’re just going to get our boat right and uh andy is behind the  camera i’m here yeah we’re going to take a boat and sail off to explore the komodo islands they’re  around seventeen thousand five hundred it’s a part of sorry one of the seventeen thousand five  hundred islands in indonesia it’s a unesco world heritage site and i think was also added to the  seven wonders seven wonders yeah yes one very very excited to see what we have in stores  hi what’s your name that means like i’m sure like over 100 times for sure over here right basically right  and right now we just arrived at killer island and we’re going to go up to the  viewpoint here is the viewpoint called something is there a name only the name okay so first stop for the day is killer islands and uh kellogg island and we just got here  and this is a small very very short walk to the viewpoint  i’ve stopped calling them hikes now because this is not a hike it’s just a walk so the viewpoint  and the ocean looks incredible it’s beautiful and then we’re gonna go do some snorkeling  after this and i’m very excited to go snorkel yet again i’ve got my beach mode on let’s go so that’s some indomie there’s tempeh there is some veg curry there’s rice  and that’s more indomie and that’s fish which is not for me and that’s my ketchup charles do you think we’ll see some bats okay yeah do you think we will yeah are you sure 100 200 everyone’s waiting to see some bats flying foxes  hey guys after a very very long day where it feels like i’ve done a lot yet i’ve not done much you  know it’s a very confusing thing but i think we were out in the sun swimming did a short walk all  of that added together and eaten so much food it just feels like it’s been so tiring this is by the  way my little bedroom in the port um it’s pretty cute and i’m yeah i’m quite tired feeling very  grateful for everything that i’ve seen today uh the people that i’ve met um it’s just it’s amazing  to meet like so many people we all exchanged stories um exchanged our love for traveling um  there’s someone here who’s from germany who’s traveled over 30 countries and he’s 21 which is  crazy and um yeah it’s just so nice to kind of bond over the love for travel things in common  and meeting new people and feeling like you know you kind of made that connection for life  and um yeah spending more than 24 hours on a boat together so that’s pretty cool and i would highly  recommend this experience because i came here as a solo traveler and honestly there’s no one on  this note who’s traveling solo everyone is either with their partners um the german guy is with his  mom so everyone is with someone on the other but i’m solo but i still feel very well connected i  did feel this morning that okay it would have been nice if i had someone with me but  to be honest i think as the day progressed just also just chilling by myself for a bit  and then talking to everyone it just became very easy and very organic  and i ended up making nice friends and it’s been really fun um i loved watching the flying foxes  go above me oh my god it was incredible to see thousands of just imagine this is just then  a regular day in the life of a flying fox and all of us were sitting down there looking up up and  the the sunset was beautiful they were like ah the world is it’s crazy it’s just wild and we’re here  to see it together right that’s it from me good night and see you tomorrow morning good morning  everyone from a brand fresh new day in the komodo islands today we were very rudely woken up at  4 30 am with someone shouting sunrise sunrise sunrise sunrise um but i’m sure it’s going to  be worth it so we’re going to go on a sunrise hike oh my god i’m very sleepy even though do  you know what time i slept last night 9 30 yeah but i’m still very sleepy i think it’s just your  brain that thinks oh my god how can you wake up at 4 30.

Let’s go are you guys excited at 5am 500 800 800  so currently we’re hiking away not hiking climbing upstairs to padal island i mean we are  on padar island and we’re going to the sunrise viewpoint up here so there are about 800 steps  you need to climb and that’s what we’re doing at 5am but i’m sure it’d be worth it so let go we finally made it to the padar island the sun is out i mean it’s bright and  daylight now and oh my god this is probably one of the most beautiful things and the viewpoint is  crazy like nothing like i’ve ever seen before totally worth it to wake up at  4 30 a.

m and come here hundred and one percent the black beach there’s the pink beach and  there is the white beach the pink beach actually is pink it’s insane and now the next stop would probably be us going to pink beach and it’s honestly crazy because from  the top the peach was actually pink and it’s uh basically because of like the corals breaking  and that’s spread across the entire beach and i think there are only seven beaches pink  beaches in the entire world i might be wrong on that number but i think that’s what it is  and one of them is here and we’re gonna go there and i’m very excited about it so yeah i like pink  and i don’t know if it’s a wednesday today otherwise i could have said on wednesdays  we wear pink and we go to the pink beach that was lame i know sorry welcome everyone so we’re here at the komodo national park that’s right behind me  i took a very long nap in the in the boat just on the deck and uh now i’m feeling fresh again  uh so basically the komodo dragons are one of the closest species to what our og dragons used to be  like and they only exist here in this part of indonesia on the komodo national park which is  why obviously this part is called komodo national park and the dragons are called the komodo dragons  and it’s so cool that we’re going to get to see such a rare species today i hope we get to see  them because apparently right now it’s mating season so there’s also a chance that we might  not see any komodo dragons at all which would suck a little bit because they’re so cool and they’re  massive they’re huge apparently they weigh up to 90 to 100 kgs and uh imagine lizard that big  wow it’s like i mean like i said close to a what a dragon could have been like  so that’s pretty cool so yeah i’m very excited to get in there we’re all here together as the  group and we’re going to go and try to spot some dragons so let’s go male 1  can get up to 50 to 60 years old okay while female just only on 25 to 30 years old so different edges on the sides usually the male has a big size a big body long tail okay  long shape of the head also okay while the female one your short tail yeah  behind off your neck and um does it get bigger than this or is this the largest  uh this is a medium yeah yeah also it gets bitter bigger a little bit more oh my god and how much  does it weigh approximately the weight of this you know approximately just like uh 70 kilograms  so the guide was just telling us that yesterday they didn’t see any dragons and today we’ve seen  not one not two but three dragons now and this one is again a male and he’s 15 years old so wow oh wow this is so basically right now it’s mating season for the komodo dragons which is why  it’s not very normal for us to see any at all because male to female ratio between the dragons  is one is to three which is why it’s super rare to spot any dragons at all  but it’s so cool that we’ve already seen three and this one’s like right here we’re now at our next spot which is the ping beach although i’m a bit confused because the one that  i saw in the morning from top actually looked pink like from the top which is crazy oh my god look at that it’s actually pink um i think caesar has learned at business school and is now teaching everyone yeah i got it oh not bad not bad caesar do it one more time need you here to tell me that’ll be okay all right guys bye bye see you soon very soon and then you’re gonna show me around 100 that you’re yes back home in the morning

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