The name is Depok Beach, but in Jogja????? #motovlog #sunmori #nyoride #jogja

Hey, it looks like I want to take a break, don’t hesitate, don’t hesitate, don’t promise, don’t leave me bad as it is, just share the National Conference file when you’re sleepy, don’t stop, don’t let us have to stop microclip from breaking my heart when I see you, hey, hey, it’s slippery, it sucks hahaha Hi it’s back with the [ __ ] house there Hi So we were going to the runway after looking for souvenirs spinning around the bakpia pain Then finished putting stuff there too because we want to keep playing, it’s going to be a bit late because there are still people participating in the semi-finished event we wait until late at night. Hi Maps runway ah ah ah Hi, it’s brown behind where it’s not dirty MP3 is dirty Hi victims of the rear fender, the jacket is quite wet, of course not Hi because we were slowly going to the runway now because of the children everyone was there at the runway earlier They were first Because unfortunately they went to look for souvenirs to take home So followed the petrol first Hey fill it up The gasoline left in the flood, the rasane continued.

Still, slowly, omg was called Om dong. My face is like uncle, I feel like I’m wearing a helmet. I can see hi hi, hi high.

Merapi coffee, but I said it’s far from the kVA Merapi runway, I think it’s far from end to end, South of Merapi, where is the Runway where swimming is good, Hey, I’m trying to kill myself, I do n’t think there’s a crocodile.

This island is the one with a crocodile motorbike, ah hehehe Right and right Oh, this is the entrance, if you enter, you paid Rp. 10,000 yesterday. Son wants to go to Parangkritis beach. Just fix that, well, that’s right, Hi Jaan, will be tricked by Maps again.

Deceiving with Maps is the same means on the beach in Bantul what beach is Tea still called Parangkritis, straight is a beach or why is it coming in, Eh, pay again, still like that, so this is the runway Hi there anyway Let the motor Supermoto body hai hai hai hai Hai Alpha bureaucracy O artisan athletes ono bae yuk he still us another one that Woi beach is nice tuh But there sand going into it a bath may nak yes wah not play Riff Oh pasirejo down and down half dead huh behind here wrote Hai wow Hai cure bad it Hai Hah lazy complicated the sands difficult later on contaminated ground Hai Anjay parangkritis huh where tissue is ugly wash ah ah where who was who broke the mood in which the motors Oce reef RCB ya trouble again Trouble again Hai banyan broke Oh the drum bearing the bearing broke recently the drum bearing broke Cup Hai uh handle Anjir later the intention was to want to sanmori only Hey did you want to sanmori the siren key was lost Don’t know where he said he made a duplicate in front of Ardian uh hey dude , hey hey hey hey hi, earlier you made a duplicate oi made a duplicate earlier, how many keys were there oh so what’s the BlackBerry repair shop thought there was Oh far there it’s another motorbike that’s troubled later, we’re going to the other end for a while Hi Dek But I really like you I’m going to the other end it’s crowded Hi twice, two times now Hi runway hi hi Nicole it’s a nice afternoon the beach Hi me that stocked Malik Morocco wedus nucleon elek ojok Where did he keep being left by Jo Sibin until he was left behind ho oh no he appeared there first who was OTW Oh you by the name of the police did n’t know I was passing through the streets The village doesn’t exist or not nice cop Oh, try this, the sound doesn’t exist and it doesn’t go away forever, can’t go on forever Oh My Hai John Maxwell spanked the dog woi wanted it delicious enough wanted it to be really nice what’s this seat hi hi Yes already tomorrow Hi usually Hah waiting for you to wait until it rains comments getting married the new one Hi Hi far because it was paid off, which was more lively, where we paid 21 people .

It’s a crowd. Now it’s coming right in. Hey, you don’t have to, Miss one waisak, I’m telling you Hi out of pity. So that’s why you’re talking, Hey, it’s ugly.

Hello, Mr. Nur Salim, Mbak Riana, turns out to be a gaylord, very friends, hahaha hehehe Mr. lek lek ono ah, thank you Yes, it means if you come back at this time Until what time are tourists still lags the law Oh yes, you can see later Hi, you can have fried food in Russia YouTube Come on, I mean, Hi, we are leaving first, ah, we can go home, we can cover them.

NAMANYA PANTAI DEPOK, TAPI DI JOGJA ????? #motovlog #sunmori #nyoride #jogja


The last one, it’s after sunset Hi So they go back first we can sorry the three of them are still waiting for those who joined the SMS event it ends at dusk so we’ll come back after sunset maybe pay or not Oh together with the poison Hey what is KYT riding as a package Oh so all the way here just pick up the package okay Hey the motorbike is really helpful hahaha hehehe here just to pick up your package touring unfortunately postage yo Hey plus it’s getting busy now I don’t know what time Where are you going, bro, oh no hi, it’s really fast, Mas Hi, it’s still late, bro, koi, not my motorbike, it’s still a Vixion motorbike, dear, it’s mas iyo.

Hey, the eggs are big, vxxxx, the racket, the blog photo, Hey, hey, hahaha, no teak, teak, you don’t have to go through Hanoi, Woi sampean yo Paths there college baseball baseball streets of baseball we nontonin first let go in the video let incoming video from behind the image come on Oh sorry Now aja Oh get up quickly not kirain stop there later I nyamper SMS obviously baseball was not kirain warming must be in the audience but the guy Fine I withdraw gas hai hai aaaf let Hi cigarette Hai no more cigarettes was exhausted search first means later all nyari this scale nyariin this series that Hai something needs to Tanah Lot deliberately Hai pressure plan Hai as the sky late afternoon when plunging tasty very plunge Sule cash’s motorbike plunged the motorbike to the other side until the motorbike went to the other side, wanted to buy a dog colora, chatted, hi, hi, what’s next, hi, hi, hi koto r Anjir ah ah Hai fit anyway Hai gengs Hai later brostel there, If You can not Brothers sideways later I ah ah ah Hai disposable never mind the recent tragic is Hai would fall clearly not Hai the I fell Hai ajalah already joined Mrs.

Participate already in my hands Goods already bye hours Hi Hah LDR again just met dldr again Gem so we went back at night because the other group had already returned I guess so how many people were left on two motorbikes or three motorbikes I guess because why did the other night go back first because they were still waiting for friends who attended the National Conference The SMS congress just finished tonight so we’re waiting for them and I’m also waiting for Anjir to have a sick stomach, I don’t know what the sudden pain is. Jin ah is now going to the gathering place. They’ve already gathered in the Condongcatur area or what was Firman in the room sleep Oh I see Weber will work independently Dur once I’m okay later on the double header is crazy like it’s too late before we meet Bojonegoro we stop at the gas station opposite Adisucipto Yogya, there are a few bees, by the way, someone feels sleepy later. What about those who want to rest, don’t hesitate, I’m in the middle, don’t make promises of evil ghosts to him. Jonas Ariel, Kek.

The National Conference washes the comments column. The widow stays in line because we are late Even the day is not 100{57593497a703d278312ba078f68c0ea6cf88b4e9a55b8f0888aee79856d7cbcc}, don’t hesitate to chat with me maybe Mas David Majestia is still Ijun Mas If OK Google is already the terrible but is it still Hi blocker still my name is swiper still Nmax jumps the same every time I’m ready Thank you my day can stop when I’m sleepy Don’t let us hallucinate lest microsleep it not to happen do not put on airs when sleepy or before entering please talk directly continued the captain or silver to clean all the togetherness washing in situ okay so Jagat email’ll not ask Hai Okay now we go by behind ya mas thanks mas yes O remember yes Come on Mas hihihihi now at half past one we want to go back to East Java Hi Okay, so now we want to go back to East Java, the remaining group is not as much as yesterday because it was already back from noon and afternoon, some people have returned yet.

The group situation is different. Just arrived this SMS Kediri ah Wow, this is a lot behind Hi had his mind straight there ye where Beb fork in the fork Recall wait straight kebablasan think iyo Hai redundant because Iyo went too far earlier sapphire return driver you yourself had tau ah Hai mouthed coffee too far Juke Hi pompous where tuh depending SMP Surabaya Hai Surabaya unidirectional dong hai why not together on hi, I’m in the same direction, hi okay maybe just here the video for today had a garden too, please be satisfied while still here the LDR series again ah never mind, I just met you for a while, got high again okay, just got here The video is because it wants to be intense until you walk home, it’s the same, actually, just like when you left yesterday, it was added behind it a night and goings as well last night so just wrote unless weve homecoming lunch or breakfast I might content so yes udahlah until maybe the video up here just do not need to return the way home bored sip awaited wrote contents subsequently centinex us touring where later on the agenda the house is gat gat every day is also turing the end of the human sip okay see you next video bye