Watu Paris, The Newest Place to Enjoy Sunset Parangtritis Beach

How are you friends Elocer hope everything is fine, in this video elocker will review a new place in Yogyakarta, namely Watu Paris before we have to buy an entrance ticket here for the entrance ticket which is for IDR. 10,000 per person. After buying a ticket we continue our journey and we will pass Parangtritis Beach from Parangtritis beach we continue to walk until there is a fork like this and e-locker friends can choose the road to the right with a distance of 2 Km but the road is uphill or towards the left is 7 KM but the path is more gentle then we will be asked to buy another ticket and this ticket costs 10,000 for the two tickets to enter the Watugupit paragliding tourist attraction and this we pass through paragliding and Watugupit first, we continue to climb up, Watu Paris is located in the giricahyo forest area, Purwosari District, Gunu Regency ng Kidul, the Special Region of Yogyakarta, then we follow the directions because there is already a Paris stone written here.

Now, let’s just follow the article . Later we will go through a road like this. This road is not good, so there has only been development. Next we will continue to climb up until Later there will be an officer who directs us and we have to buy tickets first and this is 10,000 tickets per person and can be exchanged for drink vouchers. Not many people know about Watu Paris, you are a elocer friend because it was only opened in Ramadan yesterday for opening hours starting at eleven o’clock in the afternoon and here also the parking lot is quite spacious so there is a special parking space for motorbikes and a special parking space for cars from the parking location alone we have been treated to a very beautiful view, namely Parangtritis Beach and also the surrounding hills .

Yes, Elocer’s friend at Watu Paris is also available There are various kinds of rides for children with a very good view and at Watu Paris there are also many Instagramable photo spots, of course with a background view of Parangtritis Beach and the surrounding hills .

So there are several that are under construction, besides the good view, we will also be amazed by the building which is deliberately upside down so the doors and windows are turned upside down, very unique, friend, after washing our hands we go straight into the restaurant and this is the main restaurant area, here Elocer’s friends can order the menus directly, this is for the food and drink menu and then immediately make payments at this main restaurant and the entry ticket can be exchanged for free drinks. Oh yes, especially for Sunday nights here there is live music from 5 pm to 8 pm This restaurant consists of two buildings, namely the main building earlier and this one is the second building for the second building itself, this is shaped like a terraced house but is turned upside down so that the tile is it’s under elocer’s friend, on the 1st floor it consists of a kitchen and for the second floor this is a lesehan restaurant with a beach view and also a view of the trees behind the building, for the prayer room itself is on the second floor and then we go up to the 3rd floor for this 3rd floor we You will find benches, so for the 3rd floor, according to Elocer, this is the best view because on the 3rd floor we can see a wider and more beautiful view, now we have the Watu Paris building and here we are on the third floor and from the third floor we can see a view that is almost the same as the one on the rooftop, only here it is more shady green because there is a building above it, so continue on this floor there is also a dining table, so friends of elocer can eat and drink while enjoying a beautiful view like this..

Hello, congratulations elocer, now I am at Watu Paris and at Watu Paris, the building is very unique because the building is like an upside down house so the roof tiles it’s underneath.

Now we’re on the rooftop and here, Elocer’s friends can see a very beautiful view, behind me now there is this beach. This is the view from above Parangtritis beach. It’s a trend, isn’t it, Elocer’s friend . sunset is also so if you come here in the afternoon, it’s really suitable to enjoy the sunset from this rooftop..

Watu Paris is a relatively new tourist attraction so not everyone knows even though the place is really good because friends can see the beautiful scenery at the end of the video, locker will give a video of the atmosphere of the night here. And that’s the review for Paris.

Hopefully with the v this idea can be useful and don’t forget to click the subscribe button for friends who haven’t subscribed yet . Thank you for watching this video see you in the next video Assalamualaikum bye bye.

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