Yogyakarta Parangtritis Beach Tour

Pa’Edi channel is a travel agent, don’t forget to greet you again, friends, Pa’Edi channel, hopefully all are in good health and given all the convenience and success in your business and work, amen amen, this morning Pa’Edi is a jogging channel on Jalan Parangtritis and this is the way to go Parangtritis Beach tour, Pa’Edi’s friend, channel conditions at eight in the morning, the parking area is already filled with vehicles of tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of Parangtritis beach in the morning. But before continuing to watch this video, I hope Pa’Edi’s friend on the channel is willing to press the subscribe button like comment and share and Don’t forget to turn on the bell button so you don’t miss the latest travel videos Pa’Edi channel, all free.

Thank you for the support that continues to motivate Pa’Edi channel to present the latest travel videos, Pa’Edi’s friends, this channel is a condition Parangtritis Beach in the morning around eight o’clock is already full i by tourists who come to enjoy the beauty of this Parangtritis Beach tour, Pa’Edi’s friends on their channel together joked Ria shared the sensation of welcoming the sea waves in Parangtritis Beach tourism, Pa’Edi’s friend channel Based on information if on weekends or at On holiday, this Parangtritis Beach tour since the morning around 06.pp.

Has been packed with tourists who want to see the beautiful sunrise or sunrise as well as for the afternoon Parangtritis Beach tour is also filled with tourists who want to watch the sun set on the horizon West or also known as Sunset Friends of Pa’Edi channel, you need to be informed that this Parangtritis Beach tour is located in Parangtritis village, Kapanewon or Kertek sub-district, Bantul district, Special Region of Yogyakarta, which is approximately 27 km from the center of Jogjakarta City at this time Pa’Edi channel will increase wagon or carriage that is carried ik by horse going around this Parangtritis Beach tour so you can get around the entire Parangtritis beach.

This also goes to one of the nearby beach tours, namely Parangkusumo Beach.


What are the conditions. Follow the Pa’Edi channel in the following review . heading to Parangkusumo Beach, Pa’Edi Channel’s friend for one round on the Parangtritis Beach tour to Parangkusumo Beach, only costs quite cheap, namely Rp. the east side reaches the price of Friends of Pa’Edi channel, this is Parangkusumo Beach in front of which there is an inscription of Parangkusumo Beach with the symbol of a mountain , but if we observe the friend of Pa’Edi, the channel on Parangkusumo Beach is relatively less crowded compared to the one on Parangtritis beach, maybe the visitors are still concentrating in Parangtritis Beach tourism so not so many tourists The atawan who descended on Parangkusumo Beach, friends of Pa’Edi channel, need to be informed that Parangtritis Beach tourism is one of the famous tourist destinations in Yogyakarta as well as being an icon of Jogjakarta tourism as well as Pa’Edi’s friend, Jogjakarta’s Parangtritis Beach tourism channel has a symbolic value which is the line that is magical in nature that connects the stage of the Krapyak Kraton Jogjakarta, the Jogjakarta Monument and also Mount Merapi, which is known as the Yogyakarta imaginary line as written in id.

wikipedia.org, the charm of Yogyakarta Parangtritis Beach tourism, friends of Pa’Edi channel, cannot be separated from the historical elements, Legend and The myth of the Queen of the South Beach that is the charm here, among others, is that tourists can watch the sunrise and sunset.

So don’t be surprised in the early morning, many tourists have invaded Jogjakarta’s Parangtritis Beach tour, especially this Jogjakarta Parangtritis Beach tour. offers a variety of tourist activities such as going around the beach by renting a horse or riding a wagon, you can also rent an ATV or you can also tour Parangtritis Beach, Yogyakarta. It is enough to run soccer or volleyball on the beach, play waves on the beach and can also play kites or on beach tours.

Parangtritis Yogyakarta is just being able to sit back and watch the tourists passing by the rolling waves and feel the cool breeze. However, Pa’Edi channel reminds friends of Pa’Edi channel that every visitor on this Parangtritis Beach tour in Jogjakarta stays alert and careful because big waves can suddenly come and if we are not ready of course it will endanger the safety of the friends of Pa’Edi channel who play at Parangtritis beach in Jogjakarta For friends of Pa’Edi channel who have never been to Parangtritis Beach Yogjakarta tour, please schedule it together family and data g enjoy the beauty of this Jogjakarta Parangtritis Beach tour, if we observe, it seems that these tourists really enjoy playing with the waves in Jogjakarta’s Parangtritis Beach tour, this is the friend of Pa’Edi channel.

That’s the review of Pa’Edi channel’s trip to Parangtritis Beach Yogyakarta, Pa’Edi channel ends I hope the friends of Pa’Edi channel are willing to press the subscribe button like comment and share and turn on the bell button so you don’t miss the latest videos on the Pa’Edi channel. Thank you, see you in the next video..