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Almost every region in Yogyakarta has its own attraction for tourists, the only one being Bantul. This regency has long been known as an area frequented by tourists, especially those who are looking for places with natural nuances. Its natural tourism is also quite complete, from hilly waterfalls to beaches, all of which are in Bantul below. Here are 15 tourist attractions in Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta that we can recommend. Parangtritis beach is a popular beach tourist destination among other beaches in Yogyakarta.

This beach has a stretch of very fine white sand and the waves are so calm. Besides that, sunset on the beach It’s also so beautiful and can add to the romantic impression when visiting with Ayang, so it’s a shame. If you have chickens you don’t invite them to visit this beach, the Mangunan Fruit Garden is one of the favorite tourist attractions in Yogyakarta, precisely in Bantul Regency, every tourist who visits will be spoiled. h beautiful natural scenery and cool atmosphere typical of the hills has a rather cold air this tourist spot is very suitable to be enjoyed with a partner, but for those of you who are still single, you can bring your partner or your ex.

This natural river located in the hilly area around the location of the shower at Pulosari Waterfall is relatively small. However, because this location is in the middle of a barren hilly area, the scenery that you can see around this waterfall is really exotic and interesting for you to capture its turquoise water. the hallmark of this waterfall Hai Pinus Mangunan forest is a protected forest which is also an ecotourism area.

This location is perfect for relieving fatigue and away from the noise of the city. Lines of towering pine trees with facilities that blend with nature, visitors seem to be carried away in the atmosphere of the Twilight film in Hol lywood This is what causes the Pinus Mangunan Forest to be loved by teenagers, apart from its instagramable location, a romantic impression is also obtained , in the tourist village of Sriharjo, it presents natural scenery in the form of hills filled with green trees and divided by a beautiful and clean river.

The Oya River makes this village crowded with tourists, especially since this village has a number of instagramable spots to take pictures. So if you are in Jogja, you must visit this tour, hi , hi , Parangkusumo sand dunes have been known as a tourist attraction in Bantul Regency and are a favorite for tourists. local and foreign tourists, its location in the west of Parangtritis Beach, this tourist attraction is often hunted by tourists to take pictures because it has an unusual appearance, people often refer to it as the Sahara Desert from Yogyakarta . which is located in Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta has a beautiful natural panorama and a cool atmosphere typical of the hills.

Anyone who comes to this place will feel at home and comfortable. In addition, the sunset offered by this place is able to captivate every tourist.

Hi potrobayan River camp is a cool camping place and still natural this location is on the edge of the river with green grass and cool air you will be spoiled with beautiful natural scenery accompanied by the gurgling of a clean river flow for those of you who like nature this place is also highly recommended for camping Becici peak is an object tours that offer stunning natural scenery, it is natural that every tourist who comes to this place will take a while and he Man besides the beautiful scenery, this tourist spot also has an instagramable photo spot so you can use the photo spot to show off on the social media of the Imogiri reservoir besides making water reservoir t These four are also used as tourist attractions by the surrounding community because this place has beautiful views of green hills. The uniqueness of this Embung is that it has an architecture like Mount Wayang.

a favorite beach for tourists in Bantul Regency , this black sandy beach has a wide coastline. Besides that, Parangkusumo Beach also has big waves. Behind it all, Parangkusumo Beach is actually an interesting tourist destination to visit, especially when visiting in the afternoon you will be presented with beautiful sunset views. As beautiful as the Randusari waterfall has an exotic natural panorama, visitors will be presented with natural views and also the soothing sound of splashing water. The height of the Randusari waterfall is quite high, which is about 15 m for the depth of the waterfall.

It’s not too deep, which is only about 1-2 meters, visitors who come can play water or swim even though the peak of the thousand songgo sky has started to be discussed since it went viral on various social media, this natural tourist area located in Bantul attracts many visitors with a variety of unique sports. and interestingly, starting from the upload of photos of visitors, this area began to be crowded with tourists from various tourist areas, also known as the thousand stone songgo sky. It was built in the middle of a pine forest with the thematic concept of Lintang Sewu hill, which is one of the tourist attractions with the best sunset views in the district .

Bantul Yogyakarta, besides the beautiful sunset, this hill also has a variety of instagramable photo spots, not only that here, there is also a glamping concept inn so everything is complete here, it’s a pity if you don’t visit the skyline tourist village to be one of the interesting tourist destinations to visit. This village is located in Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta, tourists who come can see cultural attractions from local artists.

In addition, tourists can enjoy outdoor activities such as outbound nature cruising and some educational services here also provide homestays owned by local residents . tours in Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta that we can recommend if you like this video, don’t forget to like comment subscribe and turn on the notification bell so you don’t miss the latest information from us and thank you.