Bali Fake Market Spree 🤑 (2022)

[Music] 100 100. I might come to myself promise what if not my name sexy lion can we have it here I’m not young I’m old yeah like my son 350. it’s way too much 60 000. hi guys from Bali Indonesia we are walking around here in an area with many many fake close markets one thing to mention the currency in Indonesia is so low that’s why we are talking in terms of thousands for example this year the price is five that means five thousand and in dollars it’s around 30 cents yeah you want massage I give you three prize nice nice hunting looking for a young lady all over there I like your haircut and I like your sunglasses yes okay I want to see your store oh you have Lakers good price can I give you my wish for the price for this one yes I wish the price to be like do a polo okay 200.

 which one all right foreign for this one it’s okay 440 we can do this is okay um 45.

yes I know I’m joking all you need is all you need is can you turn around can I see your t-shirt from here all you need is nothing so you’re happy without anything just being happy and then you don’t need anything you say even all you need is nothing so if I don’t pay anything this is all you need right and you are happy okay Nanty yeah just joking a bit too much oh what is this one there’s what is inside arak which of that full full of attack Indonesian what I love come you like this one I love coffee oh I think there’s a girl also working to the store who put the sticker here or you you put the sticker here you that’s interesting how much for a sticker maybe I get a sticker as well how much 100 000 .

 surprise but where should I put it on my motorcycle and then someone kicks my motorcycle because they don’t like the stickers when I put this one on my motorcycle and then there’s a team walking and Tim doesn’t like the sticker he will kick my motorcycle yeah it’s not a good deal then for me I think I’m fine with with this one somebody in case I will lose this one I come back and I buy this one maybe for protection as well hey bro yeah hey bro bro come on come inside please you have good prices yes inside are you Tama all you go first I follow you ready then I come back when I’m coming back um foreign because when I get massage now I get laid yeah but I feel relaxed and I don’t want to walk anymore later um sorry it’s later than three local yeah foreign oh really this one when I finished filming I might come for massage promise what if not I don’t want to promise if I don’t come back here for good luck what do I break your heart if I don’t come back broken yeah come back oh really oh bad people then I must be a good person to come back we have so nice things here they have so nice souvenirs they have little what is it Buddha they have elephants they have dogs and they have this one which one would you buy hey what is this one fish yeah I don’t like this one this is with um you said yes she said you’re a better seller but you’re more honest local subscribe I like local prices how much for sunglasses which one how much for this one this one really good price for 150 left how much 150 it’s too much this one usually is promoted this is plastic this is this is plastic this is plastic oh it looks like wood but it’s plastic yeah how much was that how much for you this one to be honest what is your price for this one the 125 okay okay this is too much in Denver you can buy this one for for 20 000 30 000 maximum this is too much yeah 40 40 000.

 no no no no no like 100 cannot cannot too much what is your best price for this one I still get you happy me happy me I like you okay I feel good 45 you know why I say 45 because I want to get it for 50. but let’s say 50 we make that’s why no no 70 45 now you must say 50 and then all right one ten thousand more right okay only ten thousand proof it’s almost okay 55 I say 50 you say 60 we do 55 all right 55 okay we have a deal 55 okay that’s good I have to try it first I hope I like it I take it I take this one yeah because today shopping shopping yeah hey my two um no no I can sleep really well really yeah or never seen an eye format like this one so nice so if there’s a sunshine like right now you can just sit here music clean you have this one here wow that’s so nice thank you yeah you want to have this one yeah okay Pizza yes okay three really yes you just give me a smile and you get you get this one and it’s changed samosa I cannot promise because I don’t want to break your heart if I don’t come back so I say maybe like Oasis too yeah bye bye 60 what is your best price what is what is your best price for this one yeah you cannot cannot cannot because over there they give me 400.

 so when you can make 90 I would take it maybe for 100 you said yeah mirror oh you have you sell the mirror as well I can buy it’s good okay 100 you said yeah what he said no no no 100 100 90 tell them 90 and then we make in the middle 100 120 is too much 110 now the boss still agreed on 110 even though 90 was my best price but it’s okay we can just put it inside here okay how much you buy this one for I’m wondering the the Bulls and the pipe 405 he buys yeah and you said 100 then and you buy it for 105 and you sell it for 100.

 you finished everything I’m one person so I need one t-shirt this one t-shirt yes I mean when you go shopping how many t-shirts you buy when you go shopping 10. I don’t have brother here family in Germany they already have 100 t-shirts take two right no I don’t need two probably one only one if you make buy one get two I’m in otherwise no how much this one okay what’s this how much how much for one what’s the price I wanna give you the maximum 350.

This is 22 it’s way too much my maximum one this is cheap guys but this is still this is bullet price you can get this one you can get for for sixty thousand this one you can get for sixty thousand 350th bullet price what’s your best price what size what what price first let’s first let’s talk about the price if the price is good we can talk about the size and I asked what’s your best price so you must meet somewhere in the middle it’s too much I I cannot it’s too much how much you give me honest price please what is your what is your best price for you what is your best price for you please seventy seventy okay eighty thousand I say 80 000 they have also maximum price you up ten thousand ten thousand brother will not come down yeah but you start you start here you start here and you go down okay my maximum price my maximum price is six dollars so this is like 90 90 000.

 130 yes or no this is my last point it’s 100. no no no no no no no no I cannot 100.

 what size this one and guys does it look good what’s the price good buy something more um I have already I have so much this one I also buy perfume yeah yeah okay let’s check it how much is the price let’s talk about the prices first how much is this one this one last price here how much is this from this price take two no no no no only one the best price too much too much same also with um with the T-shirt you start at 350.

I’m before I’m studying now last price you said and then make one price because this is too much expensive perfume you know but it’s not original show how much not a good one how much for this one for perfume because you already bought t-shirt that’s why that’s why the price must be really good then for me 350 and we still made a deal with a t-shirt so we can also make a deal with this one what is your best price same price like 100. we can do the same as a perfume like 100 I can give you 100. then I’m then I say thank you for the T-shirt and um how much you fish this one is my maximum it’s 100 is my maximum I don’t go higher why I because it’s already expensive it’s fake perfume it’s not real I don’t know even how it smells maybe it smells bad I’ll go get 200 no no 100 last price no no no no no 100 I cannot I cannot no no no okay okay how much okay how much no no no no 100 100. 100.

Bali Fake Market Spree 🤑 (2022)

 oh my God give me ten thousand to buy coffee please leave this one no ten thousand I I cannot be agreed on 100 yeah ten thousand you already have the the money for the t-shirts okay a little bit I don’t smoke oh not smoke please don’t make me addicted okay I only smoked this one let’s spray this one on my body what do you think guys actually I wanted to play maximum six dollars this is around 90 so I think 100 better than 350.

 nice celebrations I need something else let’s say do you have this one helicopter I know helicopter oh I saw just a different helicopter that you showed me how much for underwear underwear Stormy Weather Tommy it’s just fake underwear this one is in seminiac I pay yeah for this one I pay 20 000 at Market it’s local I go there everywhere no all the time look I have I have this one as well I bought in Market yes that’s a brand see yes it was 20 000 no this is also this is Cristiano Ronaldo you like this he’s a good player yeah you know the meaning of Klein in German means small small client small Health in small Okay small yeah that’s why I don’t want to buy this one I want to buy Tommy because I like the name Tommy how much for this one how much 50.

No no no no no no no this is only a small underwear I cannot buy 50. look look what size is your mother did this one and the material is look 100 this is not cotton this is plastic I feel it no this is plastic plastic like this one they can they can ride anything they can ride this is silk or this is this is gold or diamonds they can write anything 100 it’s not cotton this is plastic this is polyester this one twenty thousand dollars how much is your best price when I buy this one for 50 I am bankrupt then I don’t have money for going home good body oh maybe 50 000 good for you it’s too much it’s too much it’s too much daddy German yeah that’s why I know the prices okay this one how much this one you get two you get two for 25.

 how much expensive no no no 99 50 for two I’m also bankrupt when I buy for 90.

 good for you already not good for me already then we must find another another price okay one one for 30. one for thirty thousand yeah two no no no one for 30. yeah German you like Dortmund oh I’m not really into soccer but I like um young Club you know now he’s Liverpool trainer young Club he’s really really good he’s so um charismatic so I gave you this one yeah and you give me this one same price yeah no 30 how much 50.

 how much is your price brother which one which one the best one how much for this one how much for this one 100 okay of course not I can see brother no I cannot pretty much oh yes and I’m promoting your stance so if you give me a good price yes you get more customers yes I try to be a YouTuber yes how much for this one you got this the premium head for us I I have that cheap one I have like this quality like this quantity premium what is your premium price for this one this one just only two two three this one nineteen thousand but the quality is really bad you see the stitchings over there this one is sixty thousand wow what is your best price no it’s too much it’s still not a witch because it’s still a fake you know it’s still not a witch your best price for this one what do we find for this one 80 80 my last price not like this no no I don’t like this one same the there’s no logo there’s nothing yeah there’s nothing okay 85 I give you it’s my last prize you can think about it maybe I come back later [Applause] then later when I come back foreign you can think about it when I come back okay how much check my hair we have a deal when we have the handshake so I’m not notified yeah then we have a deal okay brother no no no we made a handshake I cannot I haven’t even tried this but I don’t even know if it fits Army okay yeah okay we take this one yes changing here you just ordered your your dinner I didn’t expect that I finished all of my batteries but the good news is I have batteries still in my in my motorcycle so I found a guy and he will bring me to my motorcycle and then I drive back here with my motorcycle let’s do it yes yes but you like this hey hey mushroom mushroom mushroom here I don’t need jamur yeah wait one moment okay are you okay are you let’s go let’s go one way yeah so together life than ever hello hello bye bye and you and you you know you make um hair extension hair you make yeah because you only have this one and you make longer yeah can you make can you make long this one you make this one longer no no no let’s check out the watches speaking Indonesian yeah okay what’s your local price for which one you like German price yeah Johnny Price yeah German price must be really cheap my friend like five five euro it’s like 60 or 70.

This one it’s much better many people how much for this one 450.

 it’s too much yeah how much but it’s too much for you how much I don’t like this one still not so heavy yeah yeah this one yeah this is 4p number one nah this is not this is not first copy op number one in Bali how much for this one I’ll give you 500 yeah how much you got money yeah I bought so much yeah I know this one I buy five dollar yeah 50 000 yeah this one for five dollars no it is one this one yeah look this one it’s shaking for this one I can give you uh what about 100 or 100 this one I like this for 100 there let the pen how much 140 I already went up the price like to 140.

Another one more price normal no more which one yeah another one it’s my maximum yeah maximum hum at last price not one plus 140 I cannot excuse me not 140 how much best price my last price I don’t want to go more yeah a little bit 145. Hi how are you oh you’ve got a lot of money yeah not anymore I came with a lot of money and now I don’t have anymore thank you pretty much yeah thank you hands of change I’m still waiting for the change I cannot say thank you when you give me when you don’t give me the change filming what are you doing nothing just walking around how much I have to show the prices maybe later okay tattoo high five because we have same name ‘s name yes yes number 12.

 thank you why should I give me your shirt then yeah yeah show me your six-pack if you give me a shirt I give you this one maybe yeah be okay yeah this one happy yeah no I will I will work for walk through Australia for me this one this one you have some more money you pay for me the massage then yes in exchange I pay this one for you and you pay the massage for me so so it’s free yes I don’t trust you because it’s your business here so you don’t want to be a bad business lady and paying for myself no I said when she pays for myself for me now if you want to marry me I can buy you this one you want to marry me oh lucky me a happy young boy I’m not young I’m old yeah like my son how old is your son 25 I’m 25.

as well in my dreams no I’m 35.

 okay I make Rolanda spend more or less 50 US dollars what do you think is it a good price for everything or what is the local price that you get for those items just let me know in the comments and if you like videos like this where I go bargaining just give me a thumbs up if you don’t like the video just make it like this one see you in the next video peace and out.

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