Komodo Island – We Found HEAVEN On Earth 😱 | Indonesia Travel Vlog

Fearless Girl Sets Off on Komodo Island Trip

This is the story of a girl, who is afraid of boat trips,  but she did it anyways.This girl is me.Hi there!If everything goes right this will be my favorite video of  all the videos I’ve ever made.Right now I’m at the airport in Bali,  but in a few hours I’ll be in Labuan Bajo, the gateway to Komodo island.After one night in Labuan Bajo it was time to get on the boat.We’re now on the way to the bigger  boat, where we will spend our next days.It’s somewhere over there between a lot of other boats.Did I mention already that I’m really afraid of boats, of boat trips, and here I am doing a  two night three day tour on a boat.Definitely moving out of my comfort zone this time.  And this is where we spend most of our time the next days.Time for a quick room tour.So this is our room over here.We have a private double room.

First stop on Komodo: Snorkeling and island dining

It’s  quite dark in here, but you can still see our bed, it’s pretty nice and comfy not much space  to put our luggage, but that’s okay, we don’t need a lot.And our own private bathroom with a shower  and a toilet and no sink, but that’s all right.I’ll just wash my hands in the sea,  which is right here.We arrived at our first destination and it’s called Kenawa  island.You can see it in the back over there and it’s a private owned island.It doesn’t belong  to the Komodo national park, but it’s still our first stop and we’re doing some snorkeling there.  We’re going by this small boat here, so we’re leaving our big boat, entering the small boat,  going to the island and hopefully we’ll see some fishes.So I switch to the GoPro now.We’re having our first meal on the boat, so we can eat the tempeh, eggplant and vegetables.  There’s also some fish I think and watermelon and rice, a lot of rice.Yummy!Let’s go!

Komodo Island: A Hiking Adventure Awaits

Now we’re on an island I think it’s called Kelor island, I’m not sure.And we will hike up  a hill on this island and hopefully get a nice view.It’s very hot here and the hike is pretty steep.With each hour on the boat, I got less and less anxious.  I was so excited to see all these beautiful places, I wouldn’t let anxiety ruin this trip.It is sunset time and we’re now at a place where thousands of bats are flying from one  island to the other to get some food during night.The sky is full of bats.I had one panic attack during the night, because of the waves and didn’t get much sleep.But the  next morning would make up for everything. It’s 5 am in the morning and we’re waiting  to go to Padar island for sunrise, but the rest of the boat is still asleep although we wanted to go  at 5.The others decided to stay in bed, so we got a private lift with the small boat to the island.  Didn’t sleep a lot last night, but I still woke up very early and the views guys…

Komodo National Park – The Most Beautiful Place on Earth

it’s worth it.I just can’t get enough of this beautiful view.This place is insane,  it’s one of the most beautiful places on planet earth.Make sure to come here once in your life.  This is our most valuable piece now, because it is our drone.We needed to pay 60 euros to  fly a drone on Padar island, but it was totally worth it.The shots are insane and I will keep it  like my baby now.I think I’m in paradise.Look at this beach, look at the water.The beach is called  pink beach in Komodo National Park and the sand is really pink.I didn’t expect it to be that pink.  It’s pink because of the corals, the red corals here and the water…oh my god Look at the sand.How pink.I don’t know, if you can see it in the camera, but it’s really pink.  The sand is pink because of these red corals here.It gives the sand a nice pink color.Wow  and the water…oh my god I’m in paradise.

Komodo Island: The Real Komodo Island Found

We’re leaving the boat now to go and find some Komodo dragons.So this is Komodo island,  the real Komodo island.Mantap.There are a lot of boats here and hopefully a lot of Komodos as well.  Flo learned a new word in Indonesian.Mantap. Which means good.So he uses it all the time.  I’m excited to see the Komodo dragons.I’m a little bit afraid too, because they are  really dangerous.They can kill people and attack people.I think they’re not really  friendly and they are huge.So I will keep a good distance to them, but i still want to see them.Our guide has a wooden stick so I think he will protect us with that.  We spotted a baby Komodo, he’s around one or two years old.Cute!

Komodo Dragons on Komodo Island: Keep Your Distance

We just learned that the Komodo  dragons are cannibals, so they eat each other. Sometimes even the mothers eat their own children.  That’s why the baby Komodos usually hide in the trees and also on this island there are a lot  of other animals like deers or buffaloes, but the Komodo dragon is on top of the food chain.  So better be careful.We found one, but now everyone is gathering around him.Everyone is gathering around the dragon like crazy.So many people are in a circle around him  and I don’t like that to be honest.I think it’s not very animal friendly.It’s interfering too  much with the nature I think.That’s my opinion. So I’m not going to take a picture with him.  I think it’s strange, but okay. Our next stop was Taka Makassar,  a small sand island in the middle of the ocean.

Komodo National Park: A Beautiful Place on Earth

Flo says it looks like a…  Unfortunately we didn’t see any manta rays at the Manta point.  We anchored our boat here for the night and had an amazing snorkeling session the next morning.I will remember this trip for the rest of my life,  not only because it is one of the most beautiful places on earth, but also because i fought my  own anxiety and experienced life behind my comfort zone.I can only encourage you to do  the same.I’m actually sad to leave this place, because Komodo National Park is so beautiful.  It’s such a beautiful place on earth, you have to see it once in your life.That’s my opinion.So  make sure to book your trip to Komodo National Park and also make sure to subscribe to my  channel, if you don’t want to miss out on further videos.I’ll see you in the next video.Bye!.

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