New Beach Tourism Bantul Yogyakarta

HOa’Edi channel is a travel agent, don’t forget to greet you again, friends, Pa’Edi channel, hopefully everyone is in good health and given all the conveniences and success in your business and work, amen, amen, currently Pa’Edi channel is in Bantul, Yogyakarta, to be exact on the South Ring Road to go to a beach called the new beach but before continuing to watch the video Pa’Edi channel, please friends of the Pa’Edi channel please press the subscribe button like comment and share don’t forget to turn on the bell button so you don’t miss travel videos the latest Pa’Edi channel is all free Thank you for the support of friends Pa’Edi channel who continues to motivate you to present the latest travel videos, this time the Pa’Edi channel crosses the southern route of Jogjakarta along the South Coast, Pa’Edi’s friend channel Pa ‘Edi channel has arrived at the location of the new beach on the coast of the southern sea or the ocean Indonesia in the south of the island of Java, especially the Bantul district of Jogjakarta , this is a place for parking tickets, Friends of Pa’Edi channel, the price for parking tickets per four-wheeled vehicle is Rp.

5,000. This has entered the beach location, just look for a parking area, there is an intersection either to the right or to the left. vehicle parking and restaurants, seafood restaurants, friends of Pa’Edi channel , it turns out that visitors are still full of parking. Pa’Edi channel is still looking for a place that can be used to park vehicles, a lot of visitors who come to this new beach, friends of Pa’Edi channel, this time around 12:00 p.


m. 3 in the afternoon it seems this is a place that can be used to park vehicles . Pa’Edi channel will go to the beach location which has to pass a series of restaurants serving various kinds of seafood culinary menus and drinks and so on, friends of Pa’Edi channel, so don’t worry if the friend of Pa’Edi channel feels hungry, just choose warun g eat seafood along this new beach, this is the new beach of Bantul Regency, Jogjakarta’s friend, Pa’Edi’s friend, the beach channel is quite wide and long along the coast is planted with plants, namely pine trees so that every visitor who comes to this new beach can relax by renting a mat This lesehan under the pine trees, enjoying the dishes they ordered and also feeling the cool sea breeze , is a picture of a restaurant that serves a variety of seafood dishes, Pa’Edi’s friends, channel and this is an ATV vehicle or motorbike route.

Pa’Edi channel’s friends are lazy or tired to see the whole new beach area , Pa’Edi channel’s friends can rent a vehicle or ATV motorbike, there is also a mini trail bike. Pa’Edi channel wants to find food because the stomach is already hungry and this is Puji’s mother who has a new beach seafood coral reef restaurant, this restaurant provides a wide variety of delicious menus Assume seafood friends of Pa’Edi channel so Pa’Edi channel will try what is here, namely fish soup then grilled fish and sweet and sour green mussels but Pa’Edi channel must be ready to wait patiently because everything is cooked directly or cooked fresh friends of Pa’Edi channel and there are still quite a lot of queues so you have to be patient friends Pa’Edi channel New beach seafood coral reef restaurant which serves various menus with various dishes the price is not expensive so they are open to the price of each menu that is different what Pa’Edi’s friends offer this channel are the types of cooking menus that are available, now we see in front of a lot of lesehan people while enjoying the food menu they ordered and also the breezy sea breeze , he ordered Pa’Edi channel is finished already cooked and let’s we enjoy the friend of Pa’Edi channel but we are still waiting for one more menu, namely sweet and sour green mussels which are still fresh the flow is waiting to be cooked because there is a queue and because the stomach feels hungry, the Pa’Edi channel will enjoy it first This is Pa’Edi’s order for the sweet and sour green mussels, sorry friends, Pa’Edi channel, Pa’Edi channel, will enjoy it first, that’s how it is Pa’Edi’s friend channel review of travel to New Beach , Bantul Regency, Jogjakarta Pa’Edi channel ending friends, I hope that Pa’Edi channel’s friends are pleased to press the subscribe button like comment and share and turn on the bell button for those who haven’t so they don’t miss videos the latest Pa’Edi channel Thank you see you in the next video