NUSA PENIDA, BALI – Most Beautiful Island in Indonesia??

Bali is one of our top dream destinations and it’s easy to see why when you visit a  place as beautiful as this. We’re heading out to an island just off the coast of Bali. This  island is known for its famous T-Rex Beach we’ll be seeing that and more as we’re going  to be spending the next 48 hours exploring as much of the island as we can manage. We’re going to see sunrise here on Nusa Penida but the place we’re  going is clear across the island so we have to get a very early start.

Is this where we’re going down?

It’s kind of terrifying.  They carved these stairs straight into the limestone. It’s like a 20-minute walk down.  Before you couldn’t really go down unless you were like rappelling down or something,  I guess. So, now that they have these it’s a lot easier to get down but we still have to climb all  of them back up, so… I don’t think most people actually go all the way down I think a lot of  people just go like 20 steps down to take the photos and then they leave.

We’re starting to  see why that might be an okay option I mean at least they have stairs though this is pretty  crazy but at least they have them the ropes are so low sometimes I can’t even touch them.

It’s  really beautiful and I’m currently hiding behind a rock to dampen the noise of these ferocious  waves. we definitely can’t go swimming here even though the water looks so refreshing because the  current is so strong and we definitely don’t want to be swept out to see because if anybody would,  it’d be Nate. The tide is pretty high though so the water is coming all the way up to the  cliffside so we put our stuff like on the rocks up here to stay safe but it’s so fun. But the real reason we’re leaving.

The waves are getting huge right now and  I don’t think there’s going to be much beach left We  haven’t eaten a thing today and we needed a break from the road it was very bumpy so we’re gonna  stop grab lunch or breakfast whatever you want to call it and then get back on the road. Okay, that  was not the banana pancake we were expecting but it did hit the spot now we’re back to the road. We made it to Banah Cliff Point which feels like it’s in the middle of just nowhere on  this island the road coming in is such a mixed bag of paved road and just not even close to  paved like roads have been broken for what seems like a long time that was definitely  the most interesting motorbike ride I think we’ve ever had whoa oh my God straight down.

NUSA PENIDA, BALI - Most Beautiful Island in Indonesia??

There’s manta rays here you can see them from the top of the cliff there’s two and they’re  super black with like the really blue water. I thought it was a rock when I saw it from above  those things got to be huge though to be able to see them this clearly up here yeah they are  so cool this stop was so worth it the views were insane it was a little bit sketchy and it’s nice  that there’s only like five other people here while we’re here but it was so beautiful oh the  manta rays, we saw a turtle in water all the way from the cliffside it’s so clear here it’s insane We  are at  Kelingking Beach also known as T-Rex Beach and it  feels like it’s about 3000 degrees outside right now legitimately just discovered this water this morning at Diamond Beach it’s like natural Gatorade well there’s only 60 milligrams of something oh 40 grams of sugar look how steep this is already.

I know that guy in the tree and all the lines are just to get  the best pictures here at T-Rex Beach typically if you have a guide with you they’ll wait in  the lines for you while you grab some shade and once your time is up they’ll call you in  for the pictures which is really nice.

We just talked to someone who climbed all the way back  up and asked him how it was he said hard they had to take a seat but he said it was beautiful  and we should do it so we’re gonna do it whoa I heard it takes about 45 minutes down 45 minutes  up usually we’re a little faster down a little slower up so we’ll see we have three hours until  sun sets it’s ridiculous you have to like jump each step except these of course you’re like  only two steps above me and you’re like okay so stay stop here now it’s just rocking these  handrails I can live with handrails at least I have these I don’t think these have always  been here I don’t think so either I think this is where it was like tricky before I would not  do this if these handrails were not here oh this this would be terrifying the last stretch  here man the sun is burning up is a little more narrow so it’s basically jumping down oh my gosh good job good job I know you did great good job come here give me hug I love you I love you so much you did  good let’s go sit down in some shade okay that was so insanely difficult there were some handrails  like all along the way although some places they were broken we got a couple slips but uh we made  it down it took us I think like 45 minutes maybe a little bit more it was terrifying though I would  say there’s more sand area to like actually hang out here than Diamond Beach but Diamond Beach was  just as pretty and way easier to get up and down okay we did not come all this way to not go in the  water we’re so hot it’s gonna feel amazing sunsets in like a little over an hour it takes 45 minutes  to get to the top everybody else is packing up so we’re gonna do the same just in case this  takes longer than we expect which we hope it doesn’t we did bring a headlamp just in case  this is the hardest hike I’ve ever done in my life you did such a great job yeah but we made it back up to the fairly easy section there’s still  a lot of stairs left and we sat down and the sun is setting so it’s a good timing  good morning today is day two on Nusa Penida Island and we actually had different plans  for today but I’m in a little bit of pain you could say literally every part of my body hurts  so we’re gonna do something a little lighter but still just as beautiful this is the first time  that we have seen our place that we’re staying in the light of day we got here after sunset  the first day and left before sunrise yesterday and came back after sunset last night and this  is what we’ve been driving three times now in the complete darkness well oh gosh oh my gosh oh thanks guys thank you made it to Angel’s Billabong and it’s 10 a.m  and oh my gosh this place is already jammed with people so so you can swim in Angel’s Billabong depending upon the conditions most people just check with  their guides but we just heard all this commotion yelling and we noticed that the waves were just  coming really hard and there are people in the water so everybody’s trying to get them out as  quickly as possible everybody is okay as far as we know but that’s what can happen that quickly I made it over to Broken Beach and we found all of our friends that were previously over  at Angel’s Billabong.

This area is just stunning with blue waters beautiful rock  formations and cliffsides and the one thing we can’t get over at Nusa Penida is just the  blue waters they’re just incredible like it looks fake how blue they are but it’s pretty  amazing but it’s crazy busy too so it’s like a catch-22. I cut myself holding the camera putting on sunscreen do we leave the GoPro here yeah and we left the bike on anybody looking  for a fully equipped motorbike helmets sand Cloud blanket and a GoPro you had your chance

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