Hi, guys. So, now I’m in Nusa Penida, which is one of the Tres Nusa islands off the coast of Bali. And I heard that this one was actually the coolest. It actually, it actually, actually, actually, it gets way fewer tourists than Nusa Lembongan, which is the most popular one and it was kind of like hectic sometimes. We also looked at Nusa Ceningan, which that was my favorite so far because it was quieter, smaller and like so beautiful.

And now I’m on Nusa Penida, which is where I’m spending the most amount of time. Now, most people flip-flop that and they spend more time on Nusa Lembongan, and then they’ll just come here for a day trip but this island is way bigger, a lot more rugged, there are cliffs. It’s also where the bad spirits of Bali were banished to so it’s got that like kinda creepy element to it, which I like creepy so it’s all good. Yeah, I’m really excited to spend more time here because, since it’s the least popular and people usually only come over for a day tour, that kinda means that this big-ass island has a lot to see. Maybe I’m not gonna have to share with a bunch of other people.

So, first off, I’m at this dope Airbnb I booked at like months ago because it’s really popular and I’m so… like it’s so beautiful. It’s kind of a lot for, I mean, it could sleep six people but I’m having a good time here.

Let me show you around a little bit. This is the princess bed and the best part about it though is the view is incredible. And it’s also, it’s not just like this one room, it’s this whole complex so there’s this kitchen over here and it has its own bathroom.

Then there’s another bed in here, which I’m obviously not using although I could play musical beds. A lady from the little water room which is like a little small eatery come and make you breakfast and dinner so I did that, and she knows what she’s doing.

It was delicious. For breakfast, we’re eating this fruit called wani. Have you heard of it?

It’s like a… flavor-wise it’s like a mix between jackfruit, durian, and soursop. I think I like it. Is there cheese on it? No? Tastes like there’s cheese on it.

Alright, so I’m at my first like thing on Nusa Penida, and it’s a supposed to be a waterfall but I heard it’s not really like a waterfall, it’s more like 800 steps to something really beautiful. So that’s not a great explanation but I’m just gonna see what it looks like and then… but this is like kind of a weird sign honestly. These steps are actually kind of steep and I have a feeling that it’s all fun and games going down but not so much coming back up.

So some of these stairs are like this big so if you don’t like heights maybe don’t do this. Okay, this is the waterfall.

I think it was more about the journey going down than the views which were really cool, and the ocean is beautiful here. There’s a temple over here but it’s really small and you’re supposed to wear a sarong when you’re here so I guess if I go any farther I got to put mine on. Good morning. Yesterday’s adventure was pretty cool to that temple at the bottom of that cliffside.


And today, I wanna check out some more really cool things here and also, it’s my last morning in this beautiful villa on the top of the hill.

I can see Mount Agung, from Bali over there and there’s another place I wanna move to though, it’s called the Tree House on this island and I think it’s gonna be really cool for sunrise. I’m gonna go on a couple more adventures, see some stuff that’s closer to this place. Let’s see. Yes, so this is the Kelingking cliff. This is the really famous one that maybe you’ve seen on Instagram of Nusa Penida.

And there’s a sign that says not to climb down here or if you do you do it at your own risk. But, yeah, if you like to hike and climb around rocks and monkey around sometimes I think you’ll be fine but don’t take my advice for it, decide for yourself.

But I’m heading down here because it looks too good to pass up. There’s sweat like pouring down my face, buckets and buckets of sweat. Beautiful.

Made it. It’s beautiful. Okay, after really nice two days at the last place, I wanted to check out some other stuff around the island. And now, I’m moving to this tree house. It looks pretty secluded and it’s supposed to be amazing for the sunrise.

So I’m gonna climb down these steps to get down there now. It’s one of those places you got to work for. And this island is all about steps and finding. That’s fine. Exercise is good.

It allows me to keep eating that nasi goreng. Okay, so the inside, it’s pretty basic but that view. Yeah, this place is really cool, basic but really cool and I’m glad to have the tree house experience while I’m here on Nusa Penida.

So time to settle in for the night and definitely get up for the sunrise. Okay, as cool as this whole concept is of the tree house and I kind of don’t mind moving on because every little like movement I make makes this whole thing wobble and I’m just like, “How’s the engineering on this thing?

” So I really did enjoy having the experience for a night though. I think it’s like really overpriced at almost $42 per night which in Indonesia, is like quite exorbitant for something like this. But again, you’re paying for the view and the experience so whatever it was still cool. I glad I did it. Alright, so I’m at the airport in Bali now and about to board my flight and leave Southeast Asia, which is really crazy because it’s been three months here.

And it’s been such an amazing enriching and exciting three months in Southeast Asia, and I’ve just had such a blast. Time to get boarding soon..