Segoro Peak, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta 2022, the Hits of the Century, Beautiful View of the Open Sea

Hi touching Hi maybe Hello guys welcome back to my youtube channel see you again Juna Kesa for my travel destination this time I will go to Puncak Segoro which is located at Wiloso Girikarto roast Regency Gunung Kidul Special Region of Yogyakarta Hi and for this trip We will start from The roasted Imogiri road can’t be seen here, it’s a new bridge, guys, which was just made not long ago. Okay, in front of us on the left, we will meet what is called a soccer field. The village next to it is SMP3 Imogiri. In front of us, there is a fork if we go straight, turn left. met the suspension bridge Hello guys, the new ones Now we take security Straight later we will meet the one whose name is still for police education yogs Okay, we’re still straight Now here we are enjoying the natural scenery, guys, right, left, shady and green trees just the highest appeal if we pass through the Imogiri Road roasted to try n we are still safety ages, because the road conditions are like this up and down and what is clear is Eh if we climb up we use first gear, guys, don’t go to 10 because it’s not there, we also try to look to the left, here there is a tourist spot called Bukit Darmo there there’s also a dam, it’s a small geus but it’s beautiful and underneath it there is a copy suggest, right here, guys, let’s try okay, let’s go up, guys, take a look at the road edition.

Don’t forget to put first gear on so the vehicle doesn’t get too heavy, let’s turn left games later we will meet whose name is onion agrotourism glowing we are still straight ahead of us there will be a fork if we turn left it’s local s.png police education ok Hi, this is Jessica ‘s side we turn left we will go to SPN but for our video this time we are still straight, yes guys, try guys, look to the right Now that is what building I also don’t understand He said hey, Romzi guys, he said that it’s a relic of the past, tomorrow we’ll find out cash for coffee lovers. Can you guys stop by at roasted coffee? There’s a car that’s like that, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, Hi right in front of us, this is JLS, guys, if we take it to the left we will go to various beaches, for example, Baron Beach, Kukup Krakal, but for our video this time, we will take the straight path, guys, go south, not to the left but go straight OK Guys we have arrived at the Who Ocean View area and coincidentally to get to the top of Segoro it is through this path guys and the only way is in front of us if we turn to the left we will meet the so-called glass terrace games there the view too Topman crop next, let’s try to review there guys, but for our video , this time we will go to Puncak Segoro first, hehehe, hi, for Hi Ocean View, I have reviewed it long ago first time opening Now to go to the top of Segoro we are obliged to go through this road guys Because there is no other way The point is that we go through a small road, OK? touch Hai myself and we arrived at the top of Segoro, well, in front of this is a car and motorbike storage area, yes guys, for the day the parking lot is really spacious, we just go straight ahead to the receptionist, hi hi Hi Okay, let’s buy a ticket first for the ticket price at the top of Segoro it’s IDR 50,000 so the entrance fee is actually IDR 25,000 then the IDR 25,000 can be exchanged for food or drinks like that Okay, let’s just go up, guys, let’s see what kind of scenery Segoro Peak is Hey and look guys it was not in vain, my journey was quite tortuous and I arrived at this place a really strong free spirit Hey at the top of Segoro if you look at it at very similar to the one whose name is Nusa Penida on the island of Bali almost like guys hey hey hey hey Hey Okay we’re also down guys hi hi Hi Ho hi hi hi hi I swear guys here the body is really nice look at Wow it’s amazing Nah If we want to go on vacation , we don’t need to go far to the person in front of us around us.

PUNCAK SEGORO GUNUNG KIDUL YOGYAKARTA 2022,wisata hits abad ini view indah laut lepas


Actually, the data is good.

I came to Segoro Peak at around 12.00 yades. Hey , it’s really hot, really really hot . better morning or evening guest hi hi hi hi hi below we are now starting to guess Let’s see from above What kind of view we will get hi hi hi it turns out that seen from above it is really beautiful, payday Nusa Penida Jogja Okay here too there is one long chair available which can be used to go to the photo spot with the background view Wow cool guys Hey OK, let’s continue and over here there is a swing guess walah It’s complete, yo yo, let ‘s try to ride again and find a pendulum or what’s my name, forget guys, basically the seats are hanging, hi hi hi hi, Hi Widih, there is Pegasus, the task of flying horses and the golden carriage, Oh, here the support is also really good for photos, yes, guys, especially for prewed Wow great hi hi hi hi yo yo yo hi hi Oh I see hi hi Hi for Hi more MP3 hi hi more this I’m really tired from bottom to top now down again and it’s time for me to enjoy culinary guys and don’t forget while enjoying natural scenery tasse hi hi Hey how are you guys When are you coming to Segoro Peak hi hi hi hi hi hi sweet Okay that’s enough video from me don’t forget to like comment subscribe don’t forget to press the bell button now