The most unique church in Jogja, a blend of Javanese-Hindu customs (Ganjuran)

There was once a story about a person who is very generous helping people sincerely and likes to share gifts with children. He is called Santa Claus. I thought Indonesia would be peaceful if there were many people like that today. I have a mission to find Santa Claus and this beyond my expectations now we are in the sacred heart of the Lord Jesus Ganjuran church or more popularly called the Ganjuran church this church is the oldest Catholic Church in Bantul Regency which was founded in 1924 by the schmutzer family then here the building type or architecture is Javanese Hindu style then there is a bit of a European touch and behind there is a temple so the temple behind that is a temple that is usually used for pilgrimage here then the temple was started to be established in 1927 so inside the temple there is a statue where the statue is wearing traditional clothes Javanese Hindu then the statue when seen pointing right direction of the chest or towards the heart what is meant is a king who leads with all his heart and with full glory . On this side there is a relief that tells about Jesus when he was about to be crucified and here the relief is long up to the front there, maybe a lot Of those of you who think that Santa Claus is a mythical creature that only exists on television.

Or maybe it’s in a magazine, it turns out that Santa Claus is true. His name is Nicholas and he was born in Turkey since he was a child, he has a big soul who likes to help. Then at the age of 18 year he was appointed a Pastor then because of the magnanimity of Nicholas he was appointed a Bishop in the Catholic religion there is a kind of designation that is a Saint or saint so that means a saint is like that during his life he had done good things that were heroic then Nicholas was one of the people later Saint Nicholas saint Nicholas Santa Claus Sinter classes are similar, so Santa Claus is very famous in the world and in each region or country it has its own story, then because of that in a country it also has a different language, so sometimes the name is from Saint Nicholas or saint.

Nicholas or Saint Nik has slipped a little in several languages, so there is the name Santa Claus, Santa Claus, which is actually all based on Saint Nicholas, so on the inside, this is the church building. If you look at it, the architecture is very thick with Javanese culture, you can see it here.

the carving is very Javanese, it’s like being in a palace, the atmosphere is [Church Ambience] It looks like there’s no Santa Claus around here, but at least here there is a Christmas tree and in front of it there are two Christmas trees that look very different, this is one of the Christmas trees The design.

It looks a little different. It’s like it’s a little inflated. Then there’s one. La hi this Christmas tree is a little conical, maybe both of them have a meaning I don’t know, it’s a shame, obviously this is really cool and because now is December 24th, so it’s Christmas Eve here, it’s set to be in such a way for a prayer event tonight now we are in the front of the Ganjuran church so in the front here there are lots of stalls selling some kind of Christmas knick-knacks so inside there is a Santa Claus hat then there is a Rosary and so on then there are also food stalls too Of course around here