The road to YIA Kulon Progo Airport from Bantul City – Southern Cross Line – Jln.Deandless

CEO is anti if you go there on time. Let’s cut the world later. Let’s go pick it up, sir. Hello, hello, assalamualaikum, by returning to my channel, the channel that repeats is only a review of sightseeing or interesting places in the city of Jogja and its surroundings Okay friends for this time I want to review the way to go to Yogyakarta international airport, earlier I departed from the city of Bantul friends and now I’m on the road srandaan OK friends for those of you who have never been to the airport through here ramen, continue the video until they run ya later bananas through the southbound lanes yes or track and the lift to get to the international airport in Jakarta tea pulsed Bismillahirrohmanirrohim So friends if we go to the airport we passed Gang to the North or already dusk Actually once I’ve been jamming the reviews yes in that through the one on Jalan Wahid, friends, to the roasted undercut tunnel in Indonesia for now, yes, but now I going through the southbound lanes of curiosity also anyway if through the region the conditions are like what ya And this was the color slightly cloudy hopefully later not raining because baseball brought one hand to the antigen’s camera, or you end up meaning Okay I am still on the road bright and Yes, in the Panda area, it’s not wrong, oh the Pandak area, Bantul, we’ll follow this road, then, yes , Bro, follow the food, for all of your friends, if you pass here, be careful, the road is wide, from ah, we are south, which is quite wide too and on this front there will be a bridge rondaan in river Progo old if I am not mistaken bikinnya Progo Well these are my friends bridge is a bridge ragaan or Progo river is that the left can go to the beach Pandansimo Well that its airport straight aja Okay we are straight just past the bridge state that’s the old one, friends, the way is mouth, yes, there is an experiment, yes, it’s still alive, friends.

This is the area, this is the area, the path is okay now We’re already in the lane area , there’s a difference in the future, there will be a difference later if all of it is towards the time road.

Try later we go to the left, there is a fat road, yes, through Brosot, sustenance, friends, appear selected, yes, if it’s straight, it’s going to the main road. traffic jam later becomes a B line in the Galur area, there will be a Teguh, that’s why the name was earlier, okay, first Go to the left towards Brosot , just go straight, just stick to the right and the path is the same if you turn this way, it’s the same road we were on earlier, okay, friends it’s now on the Indriani Nia road and just said it was taboo M1 is a fat road Okay, let’s just follow this straight road, let’s take it.


There’s really a majiza like before, it’s better if the road is a little bumpy, friends, the result is really fast , so friends know your heart Be careful, Dede, friends, see this Yo, you can make an illustration if you want to pass on the main route, eh, the northern route in the pot or through the road , friends, Ah, the picture The traffic is like this, eh, it’s really not too busy, but the road that explains it is a bit bumpy, there are holes too. Oops, if you go through here, if you want to go to the airport, just go straight , why is the wind so strong, ask through here, Madame I there is this river, this river is okay, non this is still on the way to download, oh friends who haven’t yet, Joseph, you guys like the video Explain posted by Joe and leave a comment, yes, I’m better at delivering it or making the club even better, okay? later I have not passed the tunnel ya later if through a tunnel if you want the airport that houses more bit far muter Yes wait behind again we are back again to the right later chat Braga that later I turn right okay these friends we Wah deket at the beach I’m happy, there’s a bridge near Glagah Beach, here, Hi, If only this was connected, later like this, there’s an intersection, I’ll take tananagaya If it’s straight get to the tunnel to the bottom of the longest tunnel, OK, I’ll take this pressure if you go left to Glagah Beach, Dad.

How about it, take it to the right again, OK, that’s the way, OK, this has reached the difference. Help. Airport transfer Hai hai ugly because it’s yes well there is a railway bridge railway yes the new service made recently ya everywhere ComPliant color Oh last of the Bamboo Town and its units around the problem about an hour too huh Okay friends this friend we almost got this Hai later dah front of the Ya so white this is what the new breadth of access to the entry of a kind used Okay friends now we get to yes at the international airport of Yogyakarta so friends disalamin Yes if you want to pass South Garut or the northern route is the HP main line is OK Google 90w from me, I hope this video is useful for all of you friends, if there is something missing or I’m wrong in conveying information bro, I’m sorry, my friends, he’s always there and OK, see you again in the next video.