$10 Ferry to Nusa Penida Indonesa 🇮🇩

Good morning, good morning guys and welcome back to another video here in Bali and in today’s video guys, we’re going to be going on a special trip. So the last probably a few days my buddy Luke and I who I’m going with. Hello. We’ve been looking up how we can get to Nusa Penida so we’re actually going to be taking you guys with us for the total journey of getting from here in Canggu which is about 30 minutes, 40 minutes right now with traffic via mopeds over to the ferry station we’re gonna hop on and take you guys with us for the ride so let’s head on over there.

So guys we’ll be cruising over to the Maryland fast boat so right here 36 minutes right now at 7:30 a.

m. so pretty early in the morning here and that’s when you can avoid a bit more traffic otherwise like when we looked up in the middle of the day yesterday, it would maybe take like 45 to 50 minutes because you have to go all the way through down pass r and as you can see, I got a nice new moped or let’s say older moped. Harry has left yesterday sadly so I’ve taken his bike because it’s a bit less expensive, less expensive like I was gonna renew my bike for one more week and it was like a million so I renewed this one for a week and I got it for like 500 000 so still kind of expensive in comparison to doing like longer rentals because it comes down to about 70k per day so roughly 4 US dollars but gets the job done.

The nice part about this one it is a lighter moped so it’ll be easier to maneuver and move around in and out of parking spots. As you guys can see, it is a busy Monday morning here in Denpasar almost called the Seminyak and Denpasar a lot of traffic here.

I like- we’re probably closing up near 8 a.m. by now and so a lot of hustle and bustle, people getting ready for the work day and I need a coffee guys.

You probably noticed my energy might have been a little bit down at the beginning because I had just woken up but don’t worry a little wind to the face I’m already coming back to life right now. So we got about 15 more minutes and then we’ll be there.

Good morning. Yes sir. Where did you get put now? I already took it. Thank you.

Okay. Alright, this is it. Moped parking. Yeah. Oh.

So guys we have just made it down to just around the ferry port area and as you can see here, we’ve got all of this moped parking.. We paid 2 000 per person so it’s pretty standard everywhere we’ve been for parking with a scooter. I’m assuming you can leave it overnight. It didn’t seem like there were any specific like regulations or what the deal was so we’re gonna go ahead and leave them there for the night.

I’m gonna be in Nusa Penida for like one night. Luke’s gonna be I think for two so yeah we will head on over and show you guys what the ferry port looks like. Good morning sire. One chicken thigh. It’s been a while.

Me or him? Oh me yeah, yeah. You’re that guy. Oh it’s sweet. This guy.

Yeah, nice to meet you. What’s your name? Marianne nice to meet you, see you enjoy your time. Bro you’re looking like a king in those glasses. Let’s go.

Bring it in. What have you got on one of these bad boys? Put them on see how they feel.

Oh yeah, you gotta test them out. How much were they?

Oh I don’t know. Oh they’re better than worth everything yeah, yeah exactly you can actually see out of these those ones are terrible but you look like Tom Cruise. Yeah, yeah, yeah you do look like Tom Cruise. So guys when you get down to the ferry port here there’s a lot going on like shops, ATMs seems like a bunch of different areas you can kind of cruise around here. We’re trying to like figure out where we’re going.

Do you have an 8:30 ferry? Yeah, yeah 8:30 ferry. Oh yeah, there we go public boat right there, public speed boat 8:30 from Sanora that’s gonna be us. Hello. 8:30?

For two people. Okay what time do you guys have ferries coming back from Penida today? And last is 4:30.

And it is like flexible, it can be today or tomorrow. Yeah.

They just want you to know. Okay and then what time in the mornings do you go? In the morning we have eight and afternoon one thirty. Okay, okay. You guys have some Wi-Fi?

Oh thank you so much. There you go bro. Thanks bro yep. That was the first ATM you could take out 50s. Oh yeah, I got the option as well yeah sweet.

They are clean notes though yeah these are literally fresh off the press. So guys we got the round trip ticket here for 300k so we’ve got like five minutes ago on the ferry here. Oh thank you. Oh alright, there we go we’re getting our special escort. Oh there we go, we’re good.

Perfect so we’ve got the Semabu Hills is the fast boat so it’s about 45 minutes to get there. Alright, there we go mic check one, two, three. But yeah guys so 300 is about 21 dollars so it’s like 10, 11 dollars roughly each way to get there and then oh then when we come back the next morning there’s three different times in order to get back like 1:30 and 4:30.

So what I’ve noticed is it seems like there’s only like early a.m.

and then p.m. boats at least for the ones that we’ve come across so far but that’s just something you gotta keep in mind in the case that you gotta get back like midday like I might have to. Don’t make the mistake that we tried to do yesterday of ordering this online. Yeah exactly.

We’re following the lady to the boat. Alright, alright, guys we’re going in second gear here at the moment, we’ve got people that are helping us get through here and it’s literally gonna be just in time. As you can see over here, there’s a lot of ferry companies that seem like they all park their boats up here and they depart from this area. How many different companies are there? Excuse me.

How many companies are there? Oh many companies many, many yeah. And all boats are 45 minutes to get there? Yes. 45 minutes yeah so that’s what you can expect in terms of time 50 minutes okay very nice.

Yeah if we had a little more time we’d probably have to stop for a little Nasi Goreng but I guess we’re not gonna get that lucky today. We got Semabu hills right there and let’s see how we get on this thing. Alright, as you can see here there isn’t just docks to walk on at. You basically gotta swim to the boat you’re gonna be ready for this bro oh that’s a little chilly actually. I got my laptop in my bag guys I’ve got my drone and I don’t know what to do plenty of electronics.

Wow, this is gonna be quite the process so as you can see, whoa. Holy moly, I did not expect this. I did not expect this. Look at my chickens thighs.

Oh those are some chicken thighs life is like a box of chocolates and he’s living it.

Let’s go. Alright, I’m actually generally worried about this. They’ve never been this rough before. That’s crazy. Yeah, that’s a good one.

And our phones are waterproof but I don’t know if they’re waterproof with salt water. Alright, our man right here’s got milk and water to go. Holy– I don’t think so. Guys we have entered onto the ferry here. Oh.

So guys you saw the process to get on the boat. You do have to do a little swimming if the waves are big. Jarol’s telling us that normally it’s not like that though right. Normally it’s not, today it was just extra they knew we were coming. Yeah exactly.

They wanted to make it more content. Yeah exactly laptops, drones and phones have all survived so that’s good news. Now we’ll start this thing up in just a few moments, take you outside hopefully we can get up on this front part when we’re going full speed ahead.

I don’t know if we’ll be able to though. Can I go?

Yes. Oh. Alright, this is what we got on the front of the deck here. It seems like it’s just a small little spot up top so not too many places to just chill but it’s a good sized boat. It’ll get us there nice and nice and quick here 50 minutes cruiser and that is news.

$10 Ferry to Nusa Penida Indonesa 🇮🇩

As you can see, there’s literally so many boats so if you’re coming here just make sure you’re on time but there’s so many different options for companies that today I believe is even a public holiday so the fact that we had no problem getting a ticket last minute just goes to show you there’s proper supply at least right now for taking the ferries. Alright, looks like we’re about to finally get moving here. We’re pulling the anchor in and it’s a pretty full house here.

I’d say- I’d say we’re at probably 85 percent capacity. Yeah I know you’re lucky kind of.

Crazy. Alright, we’ve got the- oh we almost lost the head there. As you can see, we gotta flip that thing on backwards but we’re going full speed ahead now straight to Nusa Penida already looking out here you can’t see anything. We got our man up here, captain. Oh yeah, I can come up?

Yeah. Alright, I’m going up. Oh. Oh no, no, I lost my hat. Alright, we’re coming down this way.

Did my hat make it? Didn’t make it. Nope. Yeah guys unfortunately, I went up there and the hat just flew off so now the ocean has swallowed it up. This is what the– How are you guys?

Well note to self guys if you’re coming out of one of these boats don’t wear a hat. Well bad news am I missing something? Am I missing something? I’m missing. Hopefully, you can swim well.

Oh well, a little entertainment for you guys in the video. When you were going off like when people don’t know it looks so rough and fishy.

Oh it is. Literally yeah, yeah well the problem I did was like I thought everything was fine so I put my head on backwards and it was good but then I turned around to climb up the ladder. I’m done like no I love that hat, I got the head in Basra, Iraq like- You’re from Basra?

No way. Whoa, the hat that just flew out. I bought it. How could you? I bought that in Basra, Iraq in October.

Him and I both went last October. Oh nice. Yeah, yeah, yeah we have. Yeah we- we traveled like Iraq for like three weeks.

Why did you choose Iraq?

We just thought it was interesting to visit.

So yeah, yeah we loved it though yeah, yeah. There’s lots of people traveling there nowadays. Yeah, yeah that’s kinda cool. Yeah, yeah, yeah where do you guys live now?

New Zealand sweet. Yeah cool very nice. Guys do you not realize how insane that interaction just was. The hat that I lost is from where the people we just met are from, from Basra like what are the chances at that exact moment like the way the world works just blows my mind sometimes but it makes for an incredible story. So I guess that’s what happens, it just means it’s time to locate a new one.

Alright, guys we are making progress. We just met those really nice people from originally from Iraq, they actually live in New Zealand now since like 1994 which was awesome to imagine guys that my hat flying off talking to Basra really loud about that’s where I got it from then all of a sudden it turns into a conversation that like we just have so many connections. One of the guys wife’s from Lebanon, my girlfriend’s from Lebanon so just- just so crazy and yeah now I think we’re passing Lombok right here.. Honestly.

it feels like so different than Bali already but yeah it’s beautiful out here and it’s nice we arrived so early because we have the entire day still to check this place out. Land ahoy. It is, yeah. It is Penida. Yeah, yeah.

Alright, we’re about to toss the anchor out here. It seems like a nice little vibe out here. On the hat topic though guys I would say that was the the best hat to lose based on what it led to. Oh and we’re down. Down boy.

Land ahoy. This is your captain. I need a chicken thigh. Alright, officially land ahoy. We left everyone else get off the boat here first because same process to get off as it was to get on.

We’ve gotta do a little swim through here. Alright, let’s see if we can not destroy any electronics. Alright, holy we’re next in line here. Alright, and we’re going down. Oh quick and easy.

Oh hello, hello how are we doing? Let me wait for my friends here or taxi.

Oh my friend yeah what is the price for the scooters? 100 for one day. Oh okay, we could do 50 each for three days for three days yeah.

Oh yeah, because we’re running three bikes look what he did right now yeah one day for me. Oh sorry. Oh okay you’re here for one day yeah sorry you’re here for you’ll be here for a couple days. And you take for three days, I give you discount, I give you 85 for one day. Oh I’m only gonna be here for one day, I got a boat tomorrow.

Yeah 85 is too much no because we have- petrol is 20. Yeah, yeah, yeah but we can’t pay for it. I give you 80 for one day, eighty thousand that’s too much for me. I- I couldn’t- I could do. Let’s just go out there.

Thank you. You come back tomorrow morning.

I take the boat at eight so 23 hours. Three hours no I take the boat tomorrow at eight so one day, tomorrow morning at eight I’d leave one day. What time do you return tomorrow?

7:30 a.m. Seven in morning morning, morning so one day. Let’s do it. We’ve got the motorbike here.

What I always recommend always always, always make sure you take a video whenever you’re getting a rental no matter where you are in the world. I actually had an example yesterday where I returned my moped bike and they didn’t mark down the scratches on my bike and so when I brought it back, they were trying to basically charge me for a fender but luckily I had taken a video when it was coming off the truck and I showed it and I get proved that I actually didn’t have any damages that I inflicted on it.

So yeah, get that video with your phone I recommend it so you can zoom in and that’s how you do it. Change it. Alright, thank you.

Okay call the WhatsApp, yeah perfect. Thank you so much. You too. How do I open the trunk? Oh okay.

Perfect, thank you. That was a very interesting process because they didn’t even take our passports just paid in the cash, hopped on the bike and now we’re on our way but we got to find some petrol because we’re lower than e. Oh alright, so it looks like we’re going through the dirt path roads to get us back to the- the spot. We’ve gotta see if we can find some petrol here. Hello.

Alright, guys the boys have made it onto Nusa Penida Island. It’s been a while, Full speed ahead, it’s been a while. It’s been a while Nusa. It’s been a while Nusa. Alright, guys we gotta find ourselves some gas here.

We’re in dire need when we’re on e already but just to give you a little recap so that was 150k each way to get there that was 25k for the ticket and then that was 70k for the moped so it looks like we’re already up to just over 200k that we paid to get to Nusa Penida. And so yeah not too bad of a price but we gotta stop and get petrol which they made it sound like petroleum is a bit more expensive. Nusa Penida, it’s been a while. We got the boys here. I need a chicken thigh.

I gotta stop for petrol at the next spot, I’m gonna stop for petrol bro. Okay sweet. Well guys, the GoPro overheated a little bit there so I’m not sure if you saw me getting the petrol but I paid only ten thousand for one, I wanna say it was almost one full liter so actually it’s much cheaper here than I thought like when we first walked in, they were saying the petroleum is very expensive.

I was thinking they were saying very expensive to Bali but like Bali I feel like the petrol is much cheaper. So yeah guys, I hope that’s helpful for you guys and a little entertaining for everything that’s happened with us taking the transport over there, it’s efficient good way to get there, just don’t wear your hat or you’ll end up like me.

So hope you guys have enjoyed this video if you have, make sure that thumbs up. If you wanna see more videos both here in Bali as well as all around the world, hit that subscribe button. I’ll see you guys in tomorrow’s video.

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