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Now, just to enter the hotel area, it feels like entering a paradise garden. The tree is really nice, especially during NU. Is the weather really a trick?

That’s right, there was a security check in front of it, now let’s continue Go to the drop off area. Now for all the guests staying at Apurva, the car has to be valet boars, so if you want to go out or where you want to go, we ‘ll have to wait in the drop off area and leave the key behind and don’t worry, it’s valid, it’s free.

The other guests who were waiting for the car were also at the front, there was a security check for the car. Now, there is another security check for luggage and there is also a body temperature check, so for safety this is really a strike and there is an area the lobby is in total, it looks like there are three stages, it’s wasteful, so the security check was really in front, then there was the drop-off area and now we want to continue, and from one place to another, the distance is really good for sports, but all the way around the hotel, we I’ll be really amazed because the interior is really detailed and it’s very luxurious and beautiful for the lobby area, this is the design taking inspiration from the Majapahit kingdom, bowers can spend a lot of time looking at the dominant details of the wood and then there are elements like wayang puppets.

So this is really what makes it unique, it can’t be followed by any hotel because he is proud of the traditional elements of authentic Indonesia.

Chan porridge can see the roof. it’s really good and for the receptionist, there are 2 Bogor, so for the regular dylox type, the same for the Club type and above , check this right or make a difference and in the lobby area there are lots of soft sofas that are very comfortable and extravagant, you can choose to wait inside or outside but want to be inside or outside, it’s still comfortable, borax because the direction is open space, so the air is still running, only if outside we can see the sea view, it’s really magnificent.

It’s just that the building is big but it’s also good and really detailed from the inside everything is really good. Oh, this beautiful hotel, you really have to try it, it’s wasteful, so even though the rate is above other hotels, it’s going to be really similar to the experience because apart from the unique design, the service is definitely topnotch, so here we go, actually from the lobby. going to our room, we will pass a lot of instagramable places in Bogor, we can sit here or take photos because indeed everything is really good.

Namorz can see here, the glass windows make the view clearer to our room. the receptionist is the receptionist no longer playing cellphones, Bogor is stable again making reservations to go to the Coral restaurant, so the kid really wants to have a plan for dinner at the first aquarium restaurant in Bali and the receptionist is in range, now the live is really good. Now we want to go straight to his room and here it is and blood this is the type of room clip priv ate pool junior sweet so it’s leaky that your booking for the Laksda nitrate type is 2.8 million per night, only because it’s leaky, the proof is three nights, so you get a free triple upgrade, you get a room with a private pool and it’s really worth it, even though it’s a total of 7 million, three nights but the order is worth it because there is a private full and the room is spacious and wasteful, you can see the room, the elegant design has a dominant black color, but this doesn’t bring the impression of chips, in fact, that the impression is very elegant and luxurious and there is a glass window that directly faces the sea and in On the other hand, this is a private pool area and this has a depth of about 120 cm.

So if you are extravagant, don’t be careless because it is quite full and in front of this there is a bathroom and a bathroom.

There are solid bricks, imagine soaking while watching the sea view. Far there, it’s really worth it, right at that price for three nights, you get news like this and next door h, here is the shower area for amenities, everything is complete, and for the vegetables, it’s not that just pouring from the top is wasteful, but also from the middle on the sides, there’s a shower, so it feels even tighter.

even though the suburban people have never had a guy like this, but the machine understands it, just turn around here, touch if the water heater doesn’t need to be asked , it will be there and next we move to the toilet, it’s also smart closed, so the toilet is Japanese style, that’s okay Automatically open, it can flush automatically, it can spray water automatically, to clean it up completely.

Flowers , just press here and there is a phone underneath, so it’s really very sophisticated. Hi, my friend, you can choose soft or front, just press and here is the sink area, there are two bottles, there’s a funny story, you’re wasteful, so we’ll just have to wait sometime the face of the story is actually only one bottle, comsut counters, yes and here there are towels, 4-piece towels are provided and there are hand towels, face towels, all complete.

So for toothpaste, the one that really tastes like mint is not a fake, then the shampoo soap all smells really good and next to this bathroom there is a minibar area, there is a coffee machine, also for details, complete, want a glass of wine, glass of water, keep stirring the coffee is all complete and over here there is a refrigerator and a coffee machine so it’s wasteful that it’s a bocad creamer, bring your own, yes, there is a coffee machine.

Now, this coffee cup is complete, right and this is the refrigerator, so for the facilities, it’s definitely complete and up front here this is an area in the storage area so there is a safe deposit box and a place to store suitcases, sandals and wardrobes Yes, I’ve provided Le hat and a tote bag, so it ‘s good for Austen’s if Mbah Jum is provided, it’s really complete and because I ‘m bored of celebrating birthdays when I stay here, I ask a kid for a birthday set and get a free compliment birthday cake , both the mattresses are laid out that’s a little bit now.

As for compliments, I think this man is already sleepy, it has to be because it’s not his birthday, it’s not his birthday cake Now, but it looks like he sent the birthday cake too late. Here’s a birthday cake, finally it’s here. Now while looking at the view of the Bogor sea, you can sit on the comfortable sofa or want to swim, so it’s really boring for men to get that price because maybe because of the effects of the pandemic boars and we can swim while seeing the full view down there And also the ocean, of course the swimming pool is clean, of course there is no need to worry and now When we go for a walk to the hotel area, the room provides two topics and one rattan bag, so Bogor if the hat is said you can take it home but for the rattan bag you can’t continue to pay maybe because they really think the weather in Bali is already really hot So, I really thought about it carefully until I was given a hat and then a bag maybe for bobor who wants to swim, want to take batteries or want to bring towels of all kinds, so there’s no need for PRRI to look for another place, everything has been provided.

So it’s like a Waterpark, boolers and for the swimming pool, there are several full, so there are children, the children are also spacious. Then there are adults, until there is one at the end that leads to the sea. So it’s really for playing in the water. I’m definitely very satisfied here. So if you stay overnight, it seems like you have to lose at least two nights so you can satisfy your child for three nights.

It’s still heavy, is n’t it, but it’s heavier if you have to check-in again.

High is heavier if you have to extend it means that towels are provided and badillos are also provided, eh, not lotion clothes, it means that sunscreen is provided, so he really prepares for all the needs of his guests, the boars feel really good this seems like the standard is 5 stars Maybe it has to be like this, hi and below here this is the Coral restaurant area but it is still closed at noon and this is so at noon we are satisfied with swimming in full in the afternoon we can still play in the beach area or relaxing on his debut but because it doesn’t face west so we can’t get Sunset bowers And in the beach area there is also a rinse facility, there is a discharge like that and the umbrellas are all free Now we can play in the sand here that’s really enough there are facilities for playing ball and sleeping, so for those who want activities, just relax, the hotel already provides a lot of facilities and services Over here there is a cp-cv of soap, it’s very beautiful, the feel of the wood is unique and facing the sea.

Hey, it’s really nice. It’s really nice, it’s afternoon here. Oh my God, Three Nights feels so fast.

It’s still not good, but if you go back, it looks like the price won’t get 2, 8 more, yes, porridge and this is the atmosphere in the evening, there will be a lot of beautiful decorative lights , the children have played swimming and are now playing in the sand. So they are really satisfied playing here and this is the view of the hotel at night, the lights are really good, uh, beautiful It’s true, the neighboring Bogor , which was just at noon, looks normal when the lights are on, it’s even more dramatic, and this is a really high ladder, from full here to the lobby, it says there are around 200 90’s. take a shower now I want to take a break and this is the lighting in the room bowers can see this just right No It ‘s bright but it’s still nice very safe for work and also for rest Hi and on the second night it was boring.

At d’coral restaurant it is the first aquarium restaurant in Bali and to eat there bowers must make a reservation first because you can’t just come on the spot right away It’s wasteful and to go to the restaurant, there’s also a special drescott before the regular greskot, what’s wrong with bobo horse casual, the only thing that matters is that a kid’s sandals can’t wear flip-flops like that so they have to change and luckily a slipper is provided at the restaurant, the water is replaced with a slipper Well, this is what it looks like inside the restaurant.

Oops, it feels like Berastagi was assembled the first time you eat like this and here there are a lot of fish.

Then if it’s wasteful to eat here, it seems like an occasional show for feeding the fish. Now, here’s a special diver which really has to be dropped when a guest asks for feeding fish, but k I guess one guest fell once, now this is the share party. If I’m not mistaken, Bogor is about one and a half and a half of Danbo Chen’s spare couple, yesterday, it was 2.4. So it’s actually not the minimum spend from the price.

but in the afternoon, you have to sit down, ma’am, you have to order a meal.

That’s the point and the food isn’t cheap, right, but for children under five years old, you don’t need to eat snacks, so you and your sister can still share the price. I use 2.4 cannabis to eat only because I’m getting a promo credit of 600,000 for snacks at the restaurant, so 2.4 minus 600, yes 1.

8, it’s almost the price of one room. Now , when the diver is feeding, there’s really a lot of fish… kids feel at home here eating while looking at the fish on the table, there’s a manual to explain why this is why is it the stupid kid who The younger brother was really excited to ask questions about the fish and this The atmosphere at night in the lobby is really cute, isn’t it Even more beautiful because there are lights, Hey, the marble is also unique, Bogor smartphone, it looks like it ‘s really detailed So, from the lobby, every inch of the interior design has been carefully thought out and not carelessly, now this is at night when the moon is bright and this is right in the morning.

Sunset but we get sunrise, now we want to swim again So if for the bored room, it’s still in the same area as the lobby, now we want to have breakfast. Turns out we didn’t want to swim, we just watched it and for breakfast, Bogor looks like breakfast. But when the kid stays, it’s crowded really, there was a short wait on the day of Hi, the last day, I think it’s the busiest one for the area the breakfast is at a restaurant near the swimming pool and there are two choices of whether you want to eat indoors or outdoors and there are two menus for the menu.

Oh, there’s a lot and this is really a waste of money when it comes to food. there’s peking duck stir it just feels like eating expensively at the mall but being able to meet the restaurant at the Grand Hotel so it’s really worth it And this is the breakfast rating for bocan 10 out of 10 because it’s really complete Then copy too we can choose whether we want coffee latte or want cappuccino Milk also has chocolate milk, it’s really delicious, I hope it’s boring.

I really like Peking duck, there’s sushi. Ah, leukopenia. I’m getting to know you again until the market snacks, right, I don’t think I want to snack. we want to go to the playground area on the boars. So for the playground, there are two available The kids club is indoors and there’s an outdoor one, now it’s an outdoor one.

If the outdoor one is free, you don’t need to register. But later if the club has a little club, it needs to fill in a guest book, so the outdoor area has lots of toys.

The funny thing is, I just love the heat when this morning, the indoor playground is a bit relaxing under Rasjidi to record, I just have to ask permission first from the staff at this little club for fear of disturbing the other main black man, right? really, two levels are above the name below and the play is also a lot like a playground area in a mall, yes, but the difference is that it’s free here, because during the pandemic, it’s limited for children who play here and have to wear masks and socks and for other rules in apurva, we can’t bring food from outside, so at that time the reason was said because of a pandemic.

So if it’s wasteful, you want to You can’t order ojol here, you can’t continue if you can’t eat food from outside, you can’t make it, maybe it’s a bit complicated for guests on a budget.

It’s impossible to eat at a restaurant every day, you’re bored, but yes, the important thing is that the room service facilities are all very good. And so you have that experience, right, you stay in Apurva. Hey, it’s been two nights. I just found out. Turns out, beside the polini beside you, there is a door.

At first, wait for the call to prayer. I thought it was going to someone else’s room. you can still enjoy the facilities, it’s wasteful to be able to dry clothes here, you can enjoy sunbathing a la Caucasians.

It’s here while looking at the scenery, isn’t it, Ah, I just found out, when I was told by the Instagram board, there’s something you’ve done wrong, and that’s all Apurva Kempinski’s review from Bocan Hopefully it can answer the extravagant curiosity who wants to know about this hotel and can get a reference number b For lovers who want to travel to Bali, Thank you for watching Dadah yo yo.