Eating Yogyakarta’s Famous Gudeg 🇮🇩

and this is where they serve it up from look at these big ole pots, those are huge hello there from Yogyakarta, Jogjakarta or however you say it. arrived here today at around three o’clock  and well i’m all checked in i’m gonna make a video on my  hotel later on because it’s pretty dang cool it’s an old 1982 traditional javanese house  but for dinner i had to come check out this gudeg restaurant and come check out some  traditional javanese food so let’s try some yogyakarta food shall we let’s do it i know look at that it’s a lot of food that’s a lot of food this looks like all the jackfruit huh so this is apparently traditional Jogjakarta food can you find this in bali or anywhere else no hear that you can only find that here oh sorry you can’ find it anywhere else but this is the authentic one delicious that’s good yeah wow of course it’s spicy do you know what this is? this is the jack fruit this is the krechek krecek, tons of flavor all right and over here we get this big ole piece of chicken this big old chicken leg  an egg and some tofu there’s tempeh in there and it’s all covered in this sauce which i have no idea what it is taste like curry like a curry base? coconut base not spicy at all sweet, delicious you’re doing it right too you’re mixing everything together i’m eating it like a typical american like piece by piece  bit by bit you gotta mix all the flavors together gotta use a spoon.

I think i like it because it’s not too spicy but they’re just a lot of flavor do you like tofu more?

or tempeh? where’s the tempeh at? oh okay hidden in there I didn’t see, i thought it was part of the chicken  a big piece of tempeh which is actually not bad not too overpowering like it usually is i think this orange stuff might be my favorite the what like the orange stuff  really that’s your favorite? yeah it has the most flavor yeah the rest is just sweet. this is nice.

Eating Yogyakarta's Famous Gudeg 🇮🇩

the orange is the only thing that kind of has it to it i think it’s like Bali, when you go to Bali, you get like “babi guling” you know? and Jogja it’s this, gudeg. but babi guling is more like packed with flavor yeah spices, herbs and this is more subtle definitely a good way to put it. yeah babi guling has a lot more like textures too  crunchy and like soft this is all kind of the same mushy at sweet all right so i’ve already knocked out  the traditional gudeg here in Jogjakarta let me know what else should i be trying here  leave it down in the comment section what should I go and eat in Yogyakarta and this is where they serve it up from look at these big ole pots  those are huge they’re feeding lots of people here this place has got to be pretty popular i can only imagine  it’s a Tuesday night and it’s pretty packed  but anyways uh that’s gonna do it for today’s video this is short and sweet and uh we got a  lot more coming to you from Jogjakarta.

I will be here for three days so, see in the next video peace.