Recommended Jogja Tour Trip Paths Starting From Yogyakarta Tugu Station Solo Trip tour jogja

Hi Indonesian brewery hello hello good day because this time I want to tell you and me your health for those of you who want to travel to Jogja, but you want to go by train and go anywhere, it ‘s good if you go to Jogja by train, it’s good around Malioboro this time I immediately assume that you get off from Tugu Jogja Station, the cost depends on which city you are from. For the ticket, you get off from Jogja Station. Later on, you will be in and develop. This time, I will make a station that walks directly from the station to the east. Later you will arrive at Jalan Malioboro, when you open it directly to the north, and so on until Jogja, Jalan Malioboro.

Now, you walk along Jalan Malioboro, which has now been relocated to two The 1212 place on the fruit terrace, you guys from the end of Jalan Malioboro, was steep in the past From Tugu Station, you go to the cave terrace, you don’t even finish, continue to the south again later. Enjoy the atmosphere of Jalan Malioboro, which is now starting to relax, the road is straight, and you will arrive at Beringharjo Market.

Now at Zaini market, you can shop for clothes and friends. -there are a lot of friends at Beringharjo Market and the prices are also quite cheap, so it’s possible that you from Tugu Station walk to Bringharjo market, it’s about 7 hours, which is not up to 20 minutes. Also street vendors, if you’re already hungry, walk from Tugu Rejo Station again, now you can stop by for a bite to eat.

For the price of food there, if it’s around various aspects, it’s 10,000-15000 depending on the food. For drinks, the coffee is 3000. It’s almost the same with us. So, the important thing is that you look for what is on the menu, there is a price, if there isn’t one You ask the seller first how much is the price so you can want to eat pecel Nasi Pecel How much better is the pecel rice we are not surprised or we already know the description for the price Just ask first it’s not wrong Hi, after that you can stop, you are full, eat, you can Here, go south again to the south.

Later, you will meet the Vredeburg center fort, when you go to the museum, the Vrederburg fort museum, there are various things, there are in the east dieu ramma Rahmah diorama, eh Jogja, when you bought it, that’s there there continue to exist-there are many, my buildings are Dutch buildings because you just try to enter for the ticket, that’s the ticket price.

As far as I know, when I was a student, it was 3000 if the general public didn’t know, then maybe some of you will know, you can comment below Yes, you guys have been reporters from Tugu Station , you’re really short, you can go straight to the south. Oh yeah, forgot about that In front of Kehed , once there is the State Palace, the Presidential Palace runs out from the station, it runs out from the station.

Rekomendasi Jalur Trip Wisata Jogja Mulai Dari Stasiun Tugu Yogyakarta Solo Trip tour jogja

Eh , you can go south again. South again. Later you will meet an intersection.

There is a monument called the March One Monument. Later that’s what people call money. mm, Jogja, so if you turn left then you will arrive at the Smart Park. The Smart Park is my amusement park, but it contains a lot of physics, chemistry, chemistry , so if you cross to the south again Hey there, you can pass through the city ​​center post office uh, the post offices of the former Jogja Gray are on the left. Go straight later you will meet the North square getek getek earlier, the North square if you turn right Later you will arrive at the sonobudoyo museum, it’s on the north side of the road.

That’s for inside Sonobudoyo museum itself, I forgot. What’s in it is SD when the Scouting event continues to walk again to Straight, then turn left around the circle Go to the Kediri alun-alun, on the right of our road, there is also the Great Mosque of Al your mind, share the mosque, transfer it for you to visit but you finish it south-south later on the road you will find the name of what museums I forgot the name of this but what I got remember there are lots of big trains in the museum, so when you come from the museum to the south you will cross the road with a clock like a gate like that later if you come from that intersection go to the right towards the Tamansari area .

I already have a problem with the left film, the reference is back, it’s coming back, let’s continue. Let’s continue tomorrow. I’ll send it, turn right.

Now if you turn right, you’ll find lots of gift shops. It’s like clothes, and uh, there’s a lot of knick-knacks that die all along Go straight right and then you will meet, actually it’s an intersection, it’s just like a fork . il heart, three small roads, one road , s3xtv, the intersection is like a fork, you just turn left and then towards Taman Sari , in Tamansari, you are the photos, there are various kinds in the film, there are gemuling wells, there are various kinds, I don’t have the video yet. For those of you who want to be here later, you want to go back to the original place but you are Tugu Station you can take a motorcycle taxi or you want to walk again or you want to take a ride you can also Hello 20-20000 that’s okay maybe we will meet here first this time it’s a video I really like, hope it’s useful, don’t forget to like, comment, share and subscribe, so that I can hatch faster, thank you for watching, hi you you guys