we’re ty and soph we are in labuan bajo in flores indonesia  today we are exploring a nearby hidden gem which can only be reached by boat we are going to show  you how you can save money and visit for under 20 pounds it’s our second day here and we’ve  decided to rent a bike and we’re gonna go to rangko cave which is like a natural pool inside a cave lets go now that we’ve got our moped we headed east towards rangko village from bajo town  we’ll put the coordinates for the location in the description on the way there we got  stopped by a couple people who are asking us where we were going on the  moped and when we told them they just took us straight there they’re obviously friends with the fishermen  and they’re looking for tourists when you see this rangko sign that’s where you turn left do you sell tickets to the cave? where are you going to? the cave.

Hello he speaks english a little. okay he doesnt speak english?

mmm, to go to cave 400 no. its 200 isnt it? we read online is 200 how much do you want? 200 three? 200 that’s a lot.

no 2 it said online it was 200 didnt it. yeah 400 is go and back its 200 bit of bargaining we managed to get it down to 200 didn’t we yeah which is the price that you’ve researched  yeah thank you very much thank you wow thank you so the drive here took about  25 minutes from the labuan bajo town centre you come to like a little  like harbour lots of locals around so you just got to bargain your price with them  we researched online as 200 000 return for the boat they tried to sell it for 400 so  we weren’t having it and we managed to get it down to 200.


Lets check out the cave oh and it’s a return too so not too bad this is really cute little places even a little beach this is only accessible by boat 50 000 each about three pounds ill put it on the screen it’s like eerily quiet down there what time does the sun shine in do you know? yeah uh this time oh this time  this is a good time then yeah it’s a good time so this sun is going to come or has  it already been this on this bit yeah it’s gonna come soon? uh it’s been like oh that’s good so this is the cave sophs just in there floating this place is a really cool little find it’s called rangko caves there are lots of tours  coming here but you can actually do it yourself if you rent a motorbike obviously if you can’t rent  a motorbike then just get a motorbike taxi such as grab or gojek so you have to basically get  to rangko village where you’ll find lots of locals sitting around on the harbour you just need to  bargain a price with them so we researched online and it’s around 200 000 um so we managed to get  it down to that because they started at 400.

So make sure you bargain with them and then it’s like  a cool little cave with like a natural pool and it’s that salty that you can just float i think  it has a high saline solution or something that means you can literally float without swimming this is mental just here inside a cave and then you come out here literally about two minute walk and then you’re at a beautiful beach this cave is a great little find in flores and if you go there for about two o’clock at about  half two the sun will shine through into the cave onto the water and you’ll have a better experience  so if you’re budget backpackers like us this is how you can see this beautiful cave for  under 20 pounds your alternative would be to go on a tour but they can charge  anywhere between 50 and 200 pounds we’ve seen online if you’re coming to labuan bajo just to  go to the komodo islands and you haven’t got enough time then you could miss this  but if you’ve got a little bit of spare time we definitely recommend coming here just got out all of our cash for the komodo dragon  tour 280 pounds for two of us for three days not too bad welcome to paradise join us next time as we go on an amazing once in a lifetime trip around the  komodo islands so we got free upgrades be sure to subscribe to come on this journey with us  you won’t want to miss this one this is 11 pound a night price we would normally pay for a nice hotel  and we’ve got literally a container and it was one of the best ones on as well there was no hostels either so where’s the bathroom it’s literally she is

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