Komodo National Park – Flores, Indonesia | The DRAGON’S Land (E02)

What if I tell you that in some far off land of Indonesia lives around 3000 man-eating dragons. [music] This is Flores! One of the most picturesque islands of Indonesia but we were here to see the ferocious and the largest lizard on Earth! The Komodo Dragons! [music] In the previous episode we explored Bali in the most unique way but this time we decided to book a flight to Labuan Bajo : the far-east side of Indonesia.

The first and the most important tip by the way for Flores is that fly with Air Asia because the local flight operators keep canceling their flights or rescheduling it. It happened with us! – Hello! Welcome to Labuan Bajo I am Abdul, I am ..

. I will drop you at the hotel. So, we booked Ayana because not only it is the best and also the first 5-star hotel in Flores but they also have day tours to Komodo National Park ! So, let the adventure begin to see the largest reptile on Earth! Today, Leo and I are finally exploring the Komodo National Park.

We’ll be seeing the largest lizard. It’s going to be a very unique experience because Komodo Dragons exist only and only in Indonesia, in Komodo National Park nowhere else. So, it’s a very unique experience. We especially to Flores for that. [music] So, we left at 7 am & the plan was to travel for an hour in the heart of Komodo National Park.

The landscape reminded me of Ladakh of India if it was surrounded with sea. [music] So, we have reached Komodo Islands. [music] Are you excited to meet them? – excited but I am a little scared because I have seen a lot of documentaries about Komodo Dragons.

They petrify me a little so, let’s see how they are in real life!

Why do they petrify you? – because they are so huge – with one smack of their tail they can just kill us & just they said that they can eat humans and can attack humans if… hungry!

! Or I don’t know! – Really? – maybe here or maybe here! [music] Alright, so we have reached the ticket counter.

[music] – don’t worry as as long you … It was crazy to think that the Komodo Dragon exist only in this one part of the world. And we were finally seeing them in person.

[music] Komodo Dragons are known for the notorious, venomous hunting strikes. These lizards have various strains of bacteria in their saliva which results in the death of their prey. The animal may escape their grip but it won’t escape the deadly venom. And since their smelling can reach up to 4 km, they trail behind its victim with its clean sense of smell.

Komodo National Park - Flores, Indonesia | The DRAGON'S Land (E02)

In fact, researches have also found that Komodo Dragons can lay eggs without mating.

[music] Alright, we are back from the dragons land! And we are now having lunch, after which we’ll start exploring the the other region of this national park. Since I am a vegetarian it’s very nice of Ayana to make vegetarian food, especially for me. So, if you are having this tour with them they will prepare lunch for you according to your meal preference. And I am super excited to eat it now because I’m very hungry!

[music] The next destination for us is the Pink Beach! [music] There are only seven such beaches in the world so, it felt incredible to visit one of them. [music] This pigmentation is from the broken coral reel that produces the red pigment. But what I love the most was Snorkeling over there. [music] – all the stairs are around 815 and the distance of the trek around 522 meters.

We soon moved to another striking site in Komodo National park which am sure you must have seen in a lot of desktop wallpapers.

[music] This is basically what you see if you come for sunrise or sunset but since we are here in noon the conditions for us were extremely difficult. So, this is the viewpoint of Padar Islands. From here we can see three beaches of different colours. Black!

Pink from where we just came & the white one! It’s really hot! It feels I am melting. All sweaty! And, people who have asthma or or who have heart problems they can not come to the top because it’s very-very hot & the climb is very steep!

Hats off to the guides who are working over here.

I don’t know how they work day-in & day-out. But really hats off to them! That was a beautiful end to a day trip to one of the most magnificent national parks. But we did not know that we were for a treat in Ayana.

[music] We enjoyed the sunset at the bar but the setup done for us was magical! [music] Do you like the food? – it’s too good! This is Lobster. This is .

.. the biggest prawn I have ever had in my life. This is a local fish! This is like a seafood kebab.

Too much – too much on my plate. More than I can chew! [music].

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