Loccal Collection Hotel Labuan Bajo – Santorini of Indonesia – Only 1 Hour from Goa Rangko

The Population of Labuan Bajo is Growing Rapidly

Cave tour in Labuan Bajo

Good morning guys we are now on our fourth day of our Labuan Bajo trip, this would be  the last day that we will go around Labuan Bajo, and we just had a nice big breakfast at this  restaurant with that spectacular view, and we are now getting ready to go to our next  place in Labuan Bajo, only one hour drive there is a cave, right next to the beach, and this cave  is so beautiful, so instagramable, we want to check it out, so stay tuned…Okay guys we are now at the local harbor, it’s very primitive, simple, local, and we are on  our way now, in this small boat can accommodate up to 12 people, to Goa Rangko, or the cave that  I was mentioned to you earlier, and it will take around 15 minutes to get there  We are going from island to island using boats by boats, this trip is fun guys stay tuned and stay safe…Okay guys we are here at the island and it will take few steps away from the harbor to Goa Rangko  We are on our way there with our super guide Juven, the one I introduced to you on yesterday’s video  Stay tuned guys let’s check the cave…

Jacob Provides Tour of Goa Rangko Cave

Jacob leads

Come on boy…  Okay guys we have a new tour guide, this little boy is leading us the way to go to Goa Rangko  He said he knows where to go that’s why he’s at the front and everybody else on the back  Show us the way Jake, come on Jake, his name is Jacob by the way, he’s going to show us the place… Oh this is the place Jake, that’s the cave man see he is pointing at the cave so this is the Goa Rangko  a cave not far from the beach there would be a kind of a natural swimming pool inside  So we are going inside now to see what they have they said it’s beautiful  But we must wait until the sun right above us so it’s not so dark  Okay guys we are here at Goa Rangko or Rangko cave they call it, it’s beautiful but if you come here before 12 noon, it will be very very dark because the sun is still on the east side, now the sun is around above us now it’s  12 noon so that’s why it’s a little bit lighter and the water is crystal clear, it’s green although  the ocean is blue but this water is crystal clear green and i’m going to take a dip guys, stay tuned…

A Short Trip to Goa Rangko Will Have You Enjoying

Okay guys we just finished from Goa Rangko, it’s right there only one minute from where  I am now and from Goa Rangko, one minute after you will see this nice hut, which is where  me and my family have lunch so you must bring lunch when you come to Goa Rangko because there  is no restaurant around Goa Rangko, and one minute after Goa Rangko, there is a beautiful beach guys  and you are having lunch right in front of it, look at this beach, my boy love it come…

The Loocal Collection Hotel in Labuan Bajo – A Pleasant Surprise

WE ARE DONE AT GOA RANGKO, GOING BACK TO LOCCAL COLLECTION HOTEL NOW TO REVIEW THEIR PLACE THIS IS LOCCAL COLLECTION HOTEL LABUAN BAJO Hi guys welcome to my room, I got a suite room, it is simple but it has everything I need  The bathroom is over there it’s clean, hot shower and the bed is big enough for me my boy and my wife  They also provide a bluetooth speaker for you to turn on loud music and they also have 50 inch  TV if you want to watch TV, I don’t need them, you don’t need them, but the most important is  The view guys, check this out… You want to wake up every morning with that view…

Beautiful Labuan Bajo: a must-see destination for travelers

If you want to stay here I highly recommend you to stay here when you come to Labuan Bajo next time  and you can book this hotel through my website check the description you may get special discount OK guys we are at the end of the video, and we are at the end of the trip to Labuan Bajo, to conclude  our trip to Labuan Bajo, Labuan Bajo is a very beautiful place guys, this place is spectacular  I believe there would be a blockbuster movie made in these islands because they are so beautiful  So you must come here before this place becoming too crowded…  Every trip that you see in my channel Discova Bali, you can book through my website including trip to Labuan Bajo, so check  the description if you want to book any trips that you see in my channel guys and subscribe  if you have not subscribed to my channel, Like this video if you find this video very good  and also this is very important, share this video to anyone that you would like to bring to Bali  or Labuan Bajo next time…

We’ll see you in our next I’m with video


I’ll see you in our next I’m with video.

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