Queen Mother’s Meeting Point

Hello. Good afternoon everyone. Welcome back again with us, Kisah Tanah Jawa (The Story of Java Land) and all the Javanicas who are here with us. in our Kisah Tanah Jawa Expedition And after a long trip since this morning Until this afternoon Finally we have arrived at One area where most people are curious about it Isn’t that right Javanicas? This south coast has always invites excessive attention To all of our friends here And perhaps in this episode, we would talk about The south coast itself and now, we’re in Cepuri Parangkusumo Which reputedly, the place on our back is one of the crossing, where- There is one- figure from the past who’s called “Panembahan Senopati” That has been told that he has met the “ruler” of the south beach itself In this place, You’ll see it all, what kind of place that these two persons met And how was it?

Are you guys curious? Or maybe one of you had visited this place before? Not yet? Our current generation seems like they never visited historical places, huh??

We are quite familiar with this place because we have been here a couple times with Om Hao (uncle Hao) and Mas Mada (bro Mada), and I hope we could share a lot of stories.

This evening i see Om Hao dressed differently His clothes are all white, is there any reason why, Om Hao? Yea, because this afternoon, the event is going to be a formal one, so yesterday I, had a request to Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Kidul (The Ruler/The Queen of The South Beach) and my request got approved by Nyi Roro Kidul (the name of the queen) That today, I, as the one who brought you guys here The one who’s responsible had been asked to dress all white but with the same peci (the black hat) as the symbol of the country but over all I’m only allowed to wear this green ring as my ID but i have to take off my glasses and my watch and for me personally, there are some rules when we’re going to the beach later according to the rules I have to take off my sandals and everything else While we’re in The South Beach, are we allowed to walk to the beach? Can you explain a little bit about..

Well, things that has been told about the south beach Mas Mada, what do you have in mind right now? (laughing) It’s okay I hope there will be a lot of stuff that we can learn from this place, right Javanicas? Okay, now we’re going to talk to the back And we will see ourself, what does the place look like The place that has been told has became the place for Panembahan Senopati and the ruler of The South Beach meet How the place look like, let’s see the journey. Let’s go guys Good evening Javanicas (saying welcome in Arabic) We have arrived in Cepuri Parangkusumo site which is located in Bantul District, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (The Special Area Yogyakarta) About 500 years ago, this site the place where Eyang Panembahan Senopati with Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Kencana Sari or as we know “Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Kidul” If we see over there, there are two big coral reefs Two black rocks, the other one is big, and the other one is small We’re traveling to the 1550 year About 500 years go In here, it wasnt all sand like this, bro/sis It was still water So all the wave was still reaching this area So the one who’s sitting right there, still got wet by the wave and beach’s wind at that time If we see over there, there is a big rock that is where Eyang sits Eyang Panembahan Senopati was named Raden Bagus Danang Sutawijaya and the small rock that stands before us that was the place to sit for Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Kencana Sari or Kanjeng Ratu Kidul The story is quite long actually I hope one day if we’re allowed, we can walk through the crossing area of Keraton Kotagede as the pioneer of Mataram Islam which as the swipping of Mentaok Fores, and then the story is quite long One day, Raden Bagus Danang Kutawijaya started to get into this Mentaok Forest, he meditated here sit on the rock over there and then there came a very beautiful woman flawlessly pretty this woman, in a short story really interested in or got fascinated from Danang Sutawijaya.

You, someone who’s nice and handsome, why are you coming here?

What’s going on? “Help me, because I want to open a new area in here” At that time, There were no thoughts that he would be the king here but when the conversation was still going, and then, since Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Kidul was so fascinated so she said, “I will help you, but will you be my husband?” It’s not husband, as in physical relationship but more in mentally side. So Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Kidul would be his supernatural wife Like a relationship between two different worlds so there is this agreement, “I will protect Mataram (the name of the area), later, but all of your children, your grandkids that would be the leader, including all the leaders in this country, Nuswantara, they must have emotional closeness to me, including all the people that i chose, so your grandkids wont get involved with me romantically, but if there is some that are involved with me who wants to be an Abdi Kinasih must have emotional closeness, mentally physically isn’t a must, but mentally, yes we have to be close.


Since there is an agreement that was agreed upon two sides and since then, all the kings of Mataram, till this day must have a tight bond with Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Kidul More or less, that is it, we have to say good bye first we are expected in the south beach, because someone who’s going to welcome us is Nyai Roro Kidul herself and since there has been a difference.

That’s it. So, there it is, Mas Genta Maybe we should get out first, say good bye first, yeah? Excuse me. Good evening guys. and sisters, everyone here so this is Mbak Kiki (Sister Kiki) and Mbak Ema (Sister Ema).

How do you feel about your experience during all these times you’ve been here? Maybe you can share a little bit. from Mbak Kiki or me first? Ema can go first For me, when i came to the beach earlier when Om Hao was tossing some flower earlier after that the water went up to my feet at first it felt like I wantedto cry no reason really, i dont know why i wanted to cry and the second, i had an image in my head like a queen but beside er there were all soldiers but all of them were women.

I have no idea who she is and then about her clothes she wore a jarik (some fabric that represents someone’s social status) but i couldnt tell the color of that jarik but there were some patterns like crossing patterns yes, parang patterns and then after that after we were done walking till this spot, i still see a woman who’s dancing that’s it What about Mbak Kiki?

For me, it was all the opposite from Ema when Om Hao threw some flowers i felt like the wave was so great feels like they were getting ready to come here Uproraring and then the wave came and it’s the opposite from Ema too if Ema was feeling melancholy I didnt feel that, so it feels like I was welcomed greatly Like… They really welcomed us, and like they’re saying “Hey! Common!

” So it was like the wave came at us it almost feels like I’m a kid who’s excited to play with the water, it feels so exciting to see the water it feels like that even till now, i can still sense the happiness, i still carry the joy till now yeah, so today we’re lucky, as in today as we invited since a few days ago we’ve applied it, sist and it was well received by Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Kencana Sari or Ibu Kanjeng Ratu Kidul that they were all came here as for the information that i got earlier only the inside prime minister and outside minister who were going to welcome us, but it turns out The Queen came too and see us, and with all 28 Abdi Kinasih or beloved slaves from all of these 28 Abdi Kinasih there was one that we known as Nyi Blorong and then The queen of Indonesian horror movies Mrs.

Suzannah who had passed away also came and all the soldiers, who came to guard the queen, we were given some time and we were welcomed to come to the main kingdom actually but we can only feel that we are physically on the beach but spiritually we were invited to come all this time we know Nyi Roro Kidul as the Ruler actually there are 4 main Rulers here First of all, Gusti Kanjeng Ratu (Hajjah) Kencana Sari or better known as Kanjeng Ibu Ratu Kidul Then She is the Queen of South Coast If we are here, it’s in kedaton So in the main palace (Keraton) if at Pelabuhan Ratu sana is If in Banyuwangi, Blambangan reaches Bali Island. it’s a backyard So there are two places, there are like the north square, the south square, pendopo square and we are right in the middle because this becomes one imaginary axis from the South Coast Palace Yogyakarta Sultanate Palace to the Mount Merapi Palace (Keraton) So one line Then she has an outside trainer or like the foreign minister namely Nyi Roro Kidul This is the one we know the most, everyone, because he is the one who comes out the most or who meets most often, gives invitations or anything the third is, Nyai Riya Kidul So Rara and this is Riya she is domestic affairs These are loyal servants, or assistants who brought everywhere the golden bowl that’s right to be honest, from our trip in the morning until now thanks to KTJ hopefully, it will be a memorable trip for our Javanica very much so and InsyaAllah if we got time, we will visit this place again for our next events, even if it’s not Gerbang Antar Dimensi that’s it and thank you wabillahitaufik walhidayah Wasssalamualaikum Warohmatullahi Wabarokatuh Ema, why did you decide to participate in this expedition? Kisah Tanah Jawa, apasih, biar temen-temen thank you very much for the story of Javanese Land who invited us, gave us a chance so thank you very much for giving the opportunity to join the expedition this time because of the extraordinary experience what was obtained today is extraordinary