The splendor of Sekaten in 1912 – The Prophet’s Birthday in the Era of Sunan Pakubuwono X Keraton Surakarta

Grebeg Mulud Celebration in Surakarta. Grebeg Mulud, is a way for Javanese Muslims to commemorate the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Grebeg Mulud Celebration in Surakarta. Before the Grebeg Mulud ceremony took place, the patih came out of the Dalem Kepatihan pendhapa. Dalem Kepatihan Surakarta Sunanate.

The governor returned to his home. KRA. Sasradiningrat IV, governor of the Surakarta Sunanate in 1889-1916. The duke’s family left for the Surakarta Palace to attend Grebeg Mulud. Empress Patih Sasradiningrat IV was the daughter of Susuhunan Pakubuwana IX.

Tuan patih followed departing for the karaton, with many retinues in a magnificent procession. The servants brought gamelan, umbrellas, and various other luggage, walked to the karaton. The center of the line is the chariots that the governor, his wife and family, and officials ride. The crowds around Pasar Gedhe and the highway leading to the palace. Pasar Gedhe, and the surrounding Chinatown, are one of the economic centers in Surakarta.

This market is across the Kali Pepe Bridge , between the Kepatihan and the Surakarta Palace. The atmosphere of the busy streets around Pasar Gedhe.

People flocked to Alun-Alun Lor and the Great Mosque of Surakarta, to witness the grebeg procession. Gapura Gladag area, the north gate of the Surakarta Palace complex. A group of soldiers marched towards the karaton.

The KNIL cavalry unit was seen passing by. The night market, which provides both Western and Eastern entertainment, lasts for days. Around Pendhapa Sasana Sewaka, Kedhaton complex, Surakarta Palace. The karaton soldiers saluted Susuhunan Pakubuwana X.

Sentanadalem, officials, and gamelan musicians gathered for a grand procession to the Lor Square in front of the Surakarta Grand Mosque.

The karaton music corps lined up in front of Nguntarasana. The abdidalem seba in the court of Kedhaton. Seen on the left is the Sanggabuwana Stage. Susuhunan Pakubuwana X and the resident of Surakarta walked to the Siti Hinggil Lor complex. A caravan of soldiers.

The procession of abdidalem and sentanadalem. People were seen crowding the Kamandungan yard, watching the procession. Passing Kori Kamandungan Lor, Susuhunan Pakubuwana X was escorted by rows of srimpi-bedhaya, Panyutra brigades, and princes. Susuhunan Pakubuwana X, walking with the resident of Surakarta, was accompanied by a line of skilled craftsmen.

Kemegahan Sekaten tahun 1912 - Maulid Nabi di Era Sunan Pakubuwono X Keraton Surakarta [INDO SUB]

Susuhunan Pakubuwana X, one of the National Heroes of Indonesia (r.

1893-1939). Accompanying behind were guests and government officials. Pisowanan ageng took place at Sasana Sewayana, Siti Hinggil Lor complex. Susuhunan Pakubuwana X, was seen sitting in the Manguntur Tangkil Ward. Accompanied by gamelan beats, the abdidalem and sentanadalem accompany the gunungan to be brought to the Great Mosque of Surakarta, lined up in the courtyard of Siti Hinggil Lor.

The abdidalem and sentanadalem, dressed in formal attire, lined up in front of Susuhunan Pakubuwana X. The procession of the carnival passed the Sasana Sumewa Performance. The large gunungan was brought to the Surakarta Grand Mosque , through the Kori Wijil stairs. The mountains or pareden that are thought to consist of jaler and estri mountains.

The mountains consist of various kinds of vegetables, fruits, and foods.

A salvo shot accompanied the departure of the mountain carnival. The large gunungan was brought to the Surakarta Grand Mosque , through the Kori Wijil stairs. The Grebeg Mulud tradition is believed to have been carried out since the era of the Demak Sultanate. Later, after being prayed for in the mosque, the contents of these mountains will be distributed to the community. The envoys went to Alun-Alun Lor to convey a message about the distribution of gunungan to the community.

Along with the night market, people seemed to crowd the Lor Square area.