The Latest East Side Parangtritis Beach

Kyuhyun to the this Hi assalamualaikum warohmatullohi wabarokatuh good to see you again on the channel this time I will invite you to Parangtritis beach How are things during this PKM pandemic office Okay follow my journey and don’t forget to always be ready and like my video okay buy water the sea is receding again I will explore the East side of Parangtritis Beach which has been rarely exposed due to high tides so we can’t go to the East side Okay on my trip to the East side of Parangtritis Beach in the CCTV section like this If we look here it is more dominant with natural rocks that we rarely see on the west coast so this is the difference Parangtritis beach is part of East JC but for visitors it is rare to get to this place because the tide is often high so we can’t go east this morning.

Coincidentally the sea water is receding so I could explore Parangtritis Beach on the East Side Oh yes, my friends, actually for the Parangtritis Beach area and other tourist attractions in or this while the PPKN is still closed so at this time those visiting the beach Parangtritis are only local residents including my house not far from the beach Parangtritis so this is for Currently, visitors from outside the area have not been able to travel to Parangtritis beach. This is a monster. Patience, friends, all through my video, I hope it can help all of you who miss Parangtritis Beach tourism.



all in good health and well all OK, next type on the trip, I will explore Parangtritis Beach again, don’t forget to like comment and subscribe, all of you guys to motivate me to export other places Thank you, maybe sleep sitting Ting Ting Ting Ting Ting Ting how to get rid of ce cak Hi this butterfly hihihi confused confused confused confused confused hihihi hihihi huhuhu.